Prisoners’ Act of Raj Vintage to be Junked

Fresh look at jails needed - Amit Shah

Prisoners’ Act of Raj Vintage to be Junked

Ami Shah Says New Act Within Six Months

Home Minister Amit Shah focuses on separating radical elements, narcotic criminals from the rest of prisoners.

AHMEDABAD, Sep 4 (The CONNECT) - The Union Government will soon bring out a Model Jail Act taking a brand new look at the relic of the British Raj, Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah today said.

Consultations are on with the States and the new Act is expected to be ready within six months, Shah said inaugurating the 6th All India Prison Duty Meet at Kankaria, Ahmedabad.

Stating that the age-old jail manual has been changed, he focused on the need to make arrangements to keep those prisoners separate who are convicted for crimes of spreading propaganda of radicalization and promoting narcotics. Information is also being given in the manual to control the gangs inside jails.

There is also a need to change the way prisons are seen by society, Shah said and remarked: “if there is no punishment then there will be no fear, if there is no fear then there will be no discipline and if there is no discipline then we cannot imagine a healthy society”.

Therefore, the process of punishment is very important, but it is also the responsibility of the jail administration that if someone is not a criminal by nature or habit, then they should become the medium to reintroduce all such prisoners to the society, he said at the three-day meet organized by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D).

The Home Minister said that from among those who are punished, 90 percent are those whose rehabilitation in society is very important, not only from the human point of view, but also from the law-and-order point of view. Many types of competitions could be conducted inside this meeting which will lead to the process of rehabilitation of prison administration staff and officials, he said

Shah said the BPR&D is creating a common programme across the country on many topics and aspects related to the internal security and security of our borders. He said the jail administration is also an important part of the internal security of the country and we cannot ignore it.

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