Piramal Sarvajal bags best CSR award

MUMBAI: Piramal Sarvajal, a mission driven social enterprise, has been honored with ‘Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project’ by International Desalination Association. The award is an acknowledgement of the efforts towards leveraging technology to improve the lives of the communities through more sustainable business models.

Piramal Sarvajal has pioneered the concept of Water ATMs in India, setting up access-points for good quality potable water close to the communities that need it the most. They are a purification technology-agnostic company that brings the appropriate technologies for water treatment to each location (including RO in several places) based on the local raw water characteristics. Each such centrally located water treatment plant is then connected to the various dispensing/ATM units by a distribution vehicle. The ATMs are solar-powered and can also operate using grid electricity, so that they are available throughout the day. Another important feature of Piramal’s project is that all their units, located over multiple states of India, are fitted with sensors that feed data continuously to the cloud. This enables real-time monitoring to ensure that the project achieves its intended impact.

While Piramal provides maintenance services and training, the day-to-day management of the treatment and distribution plants are handled by local entrepreneurs from the communities that are being served.

Anuj Sharma, CEO, Piramal Sarvajal, said, “This award recognizes the fact that even existing and proven technologies require innovative approaches to reach the under-served last mile communities.”

Piramal Sarvajal aims to work towards reaching the last mile. It ensures studying and setting up plants, timely maintenance, spreading awareness and consumption of safe drinking water through its innovative and impactful solutions. The key considerations for efficient deployment of Piramal Sarvajal ATMs:

§  Building awareness on ATM locations

§  Proximity to denser population of beneficiaries

About Piramal Sarvajal

Piramal Sarvajal, seeded by the Piramal Foundation in 2008, is a mission driven social enterprise, which designs and deploys innovative solutions for creating affordable access to safe drinking water in underserved areas. Sarvajal is at the forefront of developing technologies and business practices in the safe drinking water sector that are designed to make a purely market-based model sustainable in both rural and urban deployment conditions.

Currently, we are reaching out to about 6,67,000+ beneficiaries daily, through 1650+ touch-points across 20 states in India.

About Piramal Foundation

Piramal Foundation is a Section 8 company that develops innovative solutions to resolve issues that are critical roadblocks towards unlocking India's economic potential. The Piramal Group's core values of Knowledge, Action Care and Impact guide the organisation in carrying out its responsibilities towards society. It believes that considerable positive change can occur when we collaborate with like-minded partners and nurture projects that are scalable, ensuring a long-term impact.

In line with the Strategic Development Goals, the Piramal Foundation is focused on universal primary education, empowering women, reducing child mortality rates, improving maternal health and improving access to safe drinking water.

Recently, Piramal Foundation partnered with NITI Aayog to transform 25 aspirational districts across 7 states in India. The Foundation currently works across 21 states and has impacted over 90 million lives, mostly in partnership with state governments. It has developed innovative approaches and programs in every vertical and has built strong partnerships with governments, technology partners and international organisations, including with Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Harvard Graduate School of Education and World Diabetes Foundation. The projects are implemented through Piramal Swasthya, Piramal Sarvajal and Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership.

About International Desalination Association

The International Desalination Association ( was established 45 years ago and is a non-profit association that serves members and stakeholders in more than 60 countries. IDA is associated with the United Nations as part of a growing international network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). IDA acknowledges those who challenge themselves to innovate and meet the increasing demands for municipal and industrial water needs, for their exceptional contributions to the Desalination and Water Reuse Sectors. The awards series better reflect the diversity of contribution present in the water industry. From municipalities to corporations, the new IDA award categories are now able to recognize the varied ways in which the global community is tackling water scarcity in order to ensure a future in which clean water and sanitation are universal.

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