Well done, bros! - The Bhardwaj duo

Petonic to go to villages with O2 - mobilises Rs 2 cr

The Bhardwaj duo reach out to NGOs in India and US

The major intent of this initiative is to procure Oxygen Concentrators, said Yuvraj Bhardwaj, Chief Executive Officer, Petonic Infotech

NEW DELHI, May 19 (The CONNECT) - Petonic Infotech, one of the fast-growing mid-sized Indian management consultancy firm, has mobilized INR 2 Crore for COVID relief through its multinational partners, clients and associates. Petonic Infotech has partnered with NGOs such as Open Innovation Lotus Foundation, and Project India Foundation for outreach to widespread rural India during the second wave of COVID crisis that India is going through currently.

Yuvraj Bhardwaj, Chief Executive Officer, Petonic Infotech said, “Petonic Infotech is partnering with different NGOs from United States and India for COVID relief in India. In this initiative Petonic Infotech has mobilized approximately 2 Crore INR, for COVID relief for the society as of now and also pushing for more. The major intent of this initiative is to procure Oxygen Concentrators and other goods required to fulfil the oxygen requirements in rural parts of India.”

“Different societies and multinationals are also supposed to join the initiative to make this a grand success, and help our country to successfully come out of this pandemic with least fatality. Other than this, Petonic Infotech is also engaged in running different ‘Free of Cost’ helplines for people to consult Doctors telephonically and get themselves treated,” Bhardwaj added.

Yuvraj Bhardwaj is ably supported by his twin brother Yashraj to take strategic decisions and initiatives in playing a meaningful role amidst the ongoing COVID crisis that India is going through. The brothers have been researchers, ideators and entrepreneurs who started their entrepreneur journey at a very young age. Since then, they had undertaken 36 Research Projects, filed 18 patent applications and launched various innovative, breakthrough products and companies in India and global market. Petonic Infotech is one of the group company of Bhardwaj duo

The company has its Corporate Headquarters at New Delhi, with a representative office in Hong Kong. The uniqueness of Petonic Infotech as a consultancy firm lies in its collaborative approach with focus on innovative & creative solutions as per organisational needs. Outcome based business model has been success factor for Petonic Infotech. The company also build distinctive and adaptive strategies that help organisation to succeed in today’s complex and uncertain world. Since inception, the company has been able to register a tremendous growth and transformed a large number of Corporates, Societies and Markets. The Company with its business well-established in India and Hong Kong is also aiming to penetrate USA market soon this year

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