Path of Democratic Past

Path of Democratic Past

Kartavya Path Beyond Bricks And Stones - PM

Kartavya Path has been made more pedestrian friendly and easier for the traffic to navigate through

 NEW DELHI, Sep 10 (The CONNECT) -Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s statue and inaugurated ‘Kartavya Path’ at India Gate, New Delhi, on Thursday.

Interacting with the shramjeevis involved in its construction, the Prime Minister highlighted their efforts and contribution to the nation. Expressing his gratitude for the workers, he said “Kartavya Path is not just a path of  bricks and stones. It is the living path of  India's democratic past and all-time ideals.”

The Central Public Works Department, the agency entrusted with the rejuvenation and redevelopment of Kartavya Path, executed the challenging work within a very tight timeline. The work of  Kartavya Path started in March, 2021 and its first phase was completed in time for the Republic Day Parade this year. The sanctioned cost of the project is ₹ 608 Crore and expenditure till date is ₹ 522 Crore with Phase-I being completed.

The total length of granite walkways is 16.5 Km. With 300 CCTV cameras, 422 sitting stone benches, a number of twin stone dustbins, nearly 165 Km  under-ground conduit for services and with a 10 km long under-ground storm water drains, the central pathway has been completely refurbished, strengthened and the landscape restored. The Kartavya Path has been made more pedestrian friendly and easier for the traffic to navigate through. A total of four pedestrian underpasses 8 m wide each – two each at Janpath and C-Hexagon junctions – have been provided keeping pedestrian safety in mind. Eight underground public amenity blocks and six vending plazas have been thoughtfully located and designed, keeping existing trees in mind, to make it comfortable for civic users and tourists. Parking has been designed to accommodate up to 580 cars and 35 buses in Phase I.

The footpath on edges of Kartavya Path, which used to be of Bajri / Murram earlier, have been replaced by granite walkways. The previously inaccessible areas beyond the canal have been made accessible through the introduction of walkways and sixteen permanent bridges.

In addition, the Kartavya Path lawns have been refurbished and most of the original Jamun trees have been retained and more trees have been added through a planned strategy of plantation. The total area of grass lawns redeveloped is around 90 acres.

In accordance with the architectural character of the avenue, historic chain links and 79 light poles along the Kartavya Path have been preserved and restored and 58 new poles have been added. Also, painted concrete bollards have been replaced with sandstone bollards to achieve coherence with the landscape.

It may be noted that CPWD has also refurbished the canals to stop seepage and additionally, 60 aerators and 28 filtration tanks have been added to ensure that the canals have clean water.

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