Nice Foundation gets very nice global recognition

That's nice, selfless, dedicated work

Nice Foundation gets very nice global recognition

TiE Social Enterprise award

NICE has impacted 42,000 Lives through direct primary health care delivery and covered about 2,75,000 children through Preventive care.

HYDERABAD, Oct 9 (The CIONNECT) - NICE Foundation, a two-decade old Hyderabad-based trust that has been serving society in the areas of Maternal, Newborn & Child care has been awarded the TSS Social Enterprise award for saving lives for many years.

NICE has impacted 42,000 Lives through direct primary health care delivery. Around 2,75,000 children have been covered by providing care through Preventive care. The novel initiative “Not Well, Come to School!” it rolled out helped perform more than 120 Cardiac surgeries and around 470 other surgeries

All that it costs is 50 paisa per day per child to cover from common cold to cardiac surgery says the foundation. This programme has made its way to the Eleventh Five Year Plan to be replicated in the country and also been accepted for the ILO countries of the world, informs the Nice Foundation.

NICE Foundation has received Philanthropic support to more than Rs 200 crores, so far.

“The motto of the organization is Saving Lives and we have been doing so through designing and implementing practical solutions to need-based issues in various regions of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, said Dr. Padmanabh Reddy, CEO, Nice Foundation.

Nice Foundation has been shortlisted out of 30,000 social enterprises from about 64 countries registered for the summit.

“One of the key focus areas is solving a critical social problem – Maternal mortality rate (MMR) and infant mortality rate (IMR) through an innovative midwife-led program since 2004 in remote, hard to reach terrains to save precious lives of mother/child”, said Dr. Reddy.

The foundation’s interventions have also led to a significant reduction of neonatal deaths to 25%.

Suresh Raju, Co-Chair, TiE Sustainability Summit and Vice President, TiE, Hyderabad congratulated Nice Foundation and said he was looking forward to their continued good work in impacting the society through innovative strategies.

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