Flashback: Modi on Aug 15, 2020 from the Red Fort

Nehru legacy with pomp: 40 Cameras for Modi’s Red Fort speech

President to address the Nation at 7 PM on Sat

To give a rich and wide perspective of the historical moment when PM Modi unfurls the tricolour at the Red Fort.

NEW DELHI, Aug 13 (The CONNECT) – Doordashan will deploy as many as 40 cameras for live coverage of the Prime Minister’s 75th Independence Day speech related coverage on Sunday. This is to give a rich and wide perspective of the historical moment when Prime Minister Narendra Modi unfurls the tricolour at the Red Fort – an Independence Day practice which has been started by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947 and continues till date.

All India Radio will also cover the event live.

President Ram Nath Kovind’s message to the nation on the eve of Independence Day, 14th August at 7 PM, will also be live.

National channels of All India Radio will present the entire celebrations Live in English and Hindi commentary. All India Radio will broadcast various patriotic and cultural programmes throughout the day.  

Apart from the broadcast of the grand celebrations in High Definition view on Doordarshan Channels, multiple Live-streams on DD National YouTube channel will also be bringing the entire coverage on smart phones with 360 degree view, panoramic view and rare perspectives from the ramparts of Red Fort.

To bring such mesmerizing experience to viewers, Doordarshan has deployed 3 multi-camera OB Vans, 4 HD DSNG Vans and 40 Cameras. Of these 40 cameras, 4 will be on Jimmy Jibs and 1 on Hydraulic Crane (120 ft) to give dynamic camera angles. 1 RF Camera will be on Rope Cam and 1 RF Camera on Buggy Cam. 10 Cameras will have Wide Angle Lenses and 2 will have Fish Eye Lenses to give different visual perspective to viewers. 

To ensure accessible and inclusive coverage, Prasar Bharati has arranged for multiple regional languages and sign language broadcast of President’s message to the nation, Prime Minister Modi’s Independence Day address and complete Independence Day celebrations. Sign language versions of President’s message and PM’s speech will be broadcast on DD Bharati. Regional language versions of PM’s speech will be broadcast by respective regional language channels of Doordarshan same day (August 15) at 8 PM. Complete Independence Day celebration event will be re-telecast with regional language commentary on respective DD channels next day (August 16) at 8 AM. Hindi belt channels will repeat telecast PM’s original speech same day at 8 PM and complete Independence Day event next day at 8 AM.   

Local DD channels and AIR stations in different states will broadcast Hon’ble Governors’ messages and cover local Independence Day celebrations in their respective states.

Celebrate Independence Day with Prasar Bharati on 15th August!

Here’s the Playlist of above-mentioned multiple live-streams on DD National YouTube Channel -

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