MPL Kicks Out 1 Million Online Game Fraudsters

No Chreating!

MPL Kicks Out 1 Million Online Game Fraudsters

To Reinforce Transparency And Fairplay

The ban is in accordance with the player-first approach and zero tolerance towards illegal practices, Ruchir Patwa, VP Security and Compliance,  MPL, said

MUMBAI, Nov 30 (The CONNECT) – Gaming major MPL has banned over a million user accounts for resorting to unfair means to manipulate gameplay results in their favour. Some of the key reasons included using multiple accounts by the same user to access the platform, uploading fake or doctored KYC documents, using unauthorized payment means like stolen cards and cheating during the gameplay by using any hacks or collusion techniques.

These are not temporary suspensions and MPL has permanently banned these users from the system, the company said.

MPL has robust security measures in place that enables them to effectively identify and ban the fake accounts within a short span of them being created. The company also uses best in class technology practices that enables detection of fraud accounts at a granular level which includes identification of the devices used to create the accounts.

Once a user is blocked, typically they tend to create a new account using different email ids. However, with the help of advanced technology, MPL identifies these unauthorized login attempts made using the same device and permanently revokes their access. This ensures fraudulent gamers to be suspended and removed from the platform, allowing genuine players to join tournaments with confidence.

MPL’s security initiatives have recently been recognized by the SHIELD Trust Certification, which attests that the platform has more than 96.57% genuine users and a user to device ratio of 1 : 0.9568 which is an exceptional trust standard in the industry. SHIELD is a global risk intelligence company and the certificate considers a company’s trust profile and assesses key risk metrics such as the number of genuine users, user-to-device ratio, and the prevalence of malicious tools used on a given platform. With a trust score of 95.95%, MPL has become the world’s first multi-gaming company to acquire this certification after fulfilling the vital requirements of SHIELD’s Trust Check, which renders it the most credible and a safe platform for gaming enthusiasts.

Ruchir Patwa, VP Security and Compliance, MPL, said the ban is aligned to our player-first approach and also highlights MPL’s zero tolerance towards illegal practices. MPL strives to be a safe and user friendly platform that is trusted by the users, Patwa said.

MPL has also announced multiple initiatives to further the player-first approach and foster a safe and risk-free gameplay experience for the users. As a part of this, the company launched a bug bounty program that has been designed to reward security researchers up to INR 10 lakhs for successfully identifying a valid vulnerability on the platform. The bug bounty program also allows researchers to report any possibility that can give a player an unfair advantage.

To provide a risk free gaming experience, MPL had recently launched India’s first ever multi-game Loss Protection policy through which gamers can claim a refund of up to 100% of the net loss that they may have incurred after playing 10 gameplay sessions with specified thresholds. Available on some of the top titles, this initiative empowered users to enjoy their favorite games without worrying about losing money.

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is the world's leading mobile eSports platform that allows users to participate in free as well as paid competitions across 60+ games in multiple categories, including fantasy sports, sports games, puzzle, casual and board games. Founded in 2018, MPL hosts hundreds of millions of tournaments a month and is trusted by over 90 million registered users across Asia, Europe, and North America.

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