Money pours form walls, theme for film Raid-2

Ashoke Pandit, Satish Kaushik, Madhur Bhandarkar, comedien Raju Srivastava, etc at Kashi Film festiv

Money pours form walls, theme for film Raid-2

Kumar Mangat Pathak to make the movie

Kashi film fest starts, stars praise Yogi Govt to sky

VARANASI, Dec 28 (The CONNECT) - Filmmaker Kumar Mangat Pathak will make a movie 'Raid-2' on the recent Income Tax (IT) raids in Kanpur and Kannauj. He made this announcement during a panel discussion at the maiden three-day ‘Kashi Film Festival’ that kicked off today. He said that his film 'Raid' only showed that money can come out of walls too.

Whereas in the recent Income Tax raids in Kanpur and Kannauj, when the incident of money coming out of the walls actually came to the fore, he said and announced that he has made up his mind to make the film 'Raid-2'. He informed that the scene of money coming out of the walls will also be shown in this film.

During the panel discussion, actor Anupam Kher praised the UP government for the development of the film city in the State. He said that with the initiative of the UP government, artists living in different cities of the state would also get a platform to showcase their talent and that the hidden talents of the theatre artists will also come out.

He said artists across the world will also get a chance to showcase their acting skills along with mastery of music, dance. Thousands of people joining the film industry will get employment opportunities. During the panel discussion, he shared his association with Lucknow and the memories and struggles associated with the early life of his career, when he was associated with theatre in Lucknow.

Actor Ashok Pandit, Bhojpuri cinema's famous actor Ravi Kishan, screenwriter Madhur Bhandarkar, filmmaker Vinod Bachchan and other filmmakers who were involved in the panel discussion also appreciated the initiative of the UP government. Everyone said in one voice that the film city being built in UP would be not only for the people of Uttar Pradesh or India but for the whole world.

The filmmakers involved in the panel discussion also expressed confidence said that the Kashi Film Festival will give wings to the film city to be built in UP and its fame will take flight from Hollywood to Bollywood. The Festival has been organized for the first time where the gathering of filmmakers, film directors, famous actors and screenwriters from all over the world is set to script a new chapter in the history of the state.

After the initiative of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to make a film city in UP, the film festival, which has been taking place in Goa for decades, is going to give a new identity to the city of Kashi across the world, speakers said.

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