Men too can get breast cancer

Men too can get breast cancer

The disease know no boundaries, race, age or socio-economic status

Early detection holds the key, says  expert Dr Pragnya Chigurupati of American Oncology Institute

HYDERABAD, Oct 29 (BNC Network) Men too can get breast cancer!

The general impression is that breast cancer is limited to women and that men do not get it. This is not true, though the number breast cancer cases among men is very small, said Dr Pragnya Chigurupati of American Oncology Institute.

She was addressing a virtual meet of FLO (FICCI Ladies Organisation) members ‘Check the Change’, all one needs to know about Breast Cancer on Tuesday evening.

Dr Chigurupati said breast cancer is curable, provided it is diagnosed well in advance. Self-examination from the age of 40 years at regular intervals, Clinical examination and mammogram are other diagnosis methods are among the ways to track of the disease, she said advised: Take annual check-ups seriously.

In her welcome address, Usha Rani Manne, Chairperson of FLO said one disease that is a cause of concern for millions in the world in this pandemic is big C, Cancer. “Let's work together to make stories of survivors, the story for every woman diagnosed with breast cancer,” she said.

Dr Chigurupati  said cancer knows no boundaries, race, age, and it certainly does not care for socio-economic status. It is estimated that one in every 28 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Survival rate in India is about 60%, a lot lesser than some other countries such as USA, and this is not merely because of a lack of accessibility to medical infrastructure but because of a lack of awareness in the first place she said.

The expert sought to dispel many common myths such as finding lump in the breast means you have a breast cancer. That is not true, not all lumps that women develop are cancerous, she explained.

While women who have a family history of breast cancer are in a higher risk group, but, most women who have breast cancer have no family history. Only 5 to 10% Breast Cancer are hereditary.

Generally, people have a wrong notion that breast cancer is a communicable disease, but, in reality, it is not she said. You cannot catch Breast Cancer or transmit it to someone else’s body. It is the result of uncontrolled cell growth in your own body, Dr Pragnya explained.

Another wrong perception people have: breast cancer leads to removal of whole breast or Mastectomy. But that is not right. For early breast cancer, there is no need of removal of the whole breast. It has proved in several trials that breast conservation surgery is equally safe and effective as mastectomy and the cosmetic results are excellent 

The incidence of Breast Cancer while here in our country is 1 in 28, but the same in USA is just 8, in rural 64 and urban in 22.  The survival rate in our country is 60% but in the USA it is well over 90%. We can achieve better results through awareness she said.

The message was loud and clear: Early detection saves lives.

FLO members are going to wear Pink next 3 days, will make a photo or video post thoughts on Breast Cancer Awareness, on their individual social media handles

Priya Gazdar, Honorary Secretary in her opening remarks said “whether it is a personal diagnosis or that of a loved one, finding answers to your questions and a supportive community of people who understand the experience can make all the difference.”


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