Medical Records @ Fingertips in Digital India

Dr Vaibhav Kapoor, Harsimanbir Singh and Dr Gartima Sawhney

Medical Records @ Fingertips in Digital India

99% of Pristyn Care doctors use EMR app

Pristyn Care has served over 1.55 million happy patients.

NEW DELHI, Aug 25 (The CONNECT) – COVID crisis has helped health care providers to bridge the broken system of maintaining the records that are important to serve the patients.

Here is a case study of  Pristyn Care - a leading healthcare provider – which has adopted its in-house cloud-based proprietary tech EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to solve OPD challenges for both doctors and healthcare providers which includes inaccessibility of patient records, repetitive tasks, manpower and logistics,

In all, 99% of Pristyn Care doctors use its in-house EMR mobile App to process the prescriptions digitally which are centrally uploaded and audited by the  clinical affairs team. This in turn has improved quality of care, patient outcomes and safety. Currently, Pristyn Care owns end-to-end patient centric services and digitally enables over 400+ surgeons across 42+ cities in the country through its EMR services.

In a fast-growing electronic medical record sector, which is expected to grow from $31.78 billion in 2021 to $34.3 billion in 2022, Asia pacific is witnessing the highest adoption. The Indian Electronic Medical Records Market is projected to witness a boom with a CAGR of 6.67% which is fueling the growth of the healthcare sector in India.

Pristyn Care is front-leading tech innovations in the industry by adopting cloud-based EMR systems and synergizing the needs of advanced and complex technologies such as the Internet of Things and AI to enhance the patient experience. Pristyn Care has served over 1.55 million happy patients till date and 95% of these patients have access to their Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Gaurav Bagga, SVP - Product & Engineering at Pristyn Care said, “We at Pristyn Care have over 30+ tech products which have helped us drive operational efficiency and improve the patient experience. Our doctor’s app, which provides EMR facility, has witnessed a 10X increase in adoption among doctors. The future of medicine is where most decisions will be made electronically and would rely on a lot of health data. Mobile app-based EMR services such as ours are portable and convenient; it has improved workflow efficiencies by enabling real-time access to necessary medical information. Our path flows are designed to keep the doctor’s convenience in mind. We are also planning to introduce an AI-enabled smart EMR solution with fewer clicks and faster workflows.”

Dr Shaloo Varma, SVP-Medical Directorate at Pristyn Care said, EMR aims to help doctors experience a more efficient and easy approach to delivering value-based care using technology. Additionally, the patients benefit from improved diagnosis and treatment, central repository of health records and faster care and decision-making responses from one’s health practitioner.

The government has also increased its focus on the digitization of healthcare with initiatives such as the National Digital Health Mission, creation of ABHA ID to make patient data easily accessible between healthcare providers, researchers and policymakers so that healthcare can be delivered more effectively and efficiently, and in a more affordable manner.

Pristyn Care is in line with the government's effort to promote digital health-tech focussed solutions. Recently, NHA listed Pristyn Care as its health tech partner for Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to create ABHA ID. This partnership between the NHA and Pristyn Care is helping more Indians be able to generate their ABHA ID through a simple two-step process, where only phone numbers and Aadhar ID numbers will be required.

Pristyn Care is a leading healthcare provider that performs advanced secondary care surgeries with the help of its network of 800+ hospitals, 200+ clinics, and 400+ in-house super-specialty surgeons. A team of expert surgeons uses the most advanced medical technology to treat over 50+ diseases across 42+ cities. The company was founded in August 2018 by Harsimarbir (Harsh) Singh, Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, and Dr. Garima Sawhney, and is now a leader in secondary care surgeries.

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