Maha nightlife too curtailed

No, an absolute No for these after 9 PM

Maha nightlife too curtailed

Curbs on more than 5 people

New rules aimed at breaking the Omicron chain

MUMBAI, Dec 24 (The CONNECT) - The Maharashtra Government imposed restrictions on gatherings between 9pm to 6am disallowing more than 5 people.

Just 100 people allowed in indoor weddings and not more than 250 people or 25 percent whichever is less, allowed in outdoor weddings.

In the revised guidelines in view of the rapidly spreading impact of Omicron, only 50 per cent capacity is allowed in Indoor seating.

For sports events, only 25 percent of the seating capacity is allowed.

As far as gyms, spa, hotel, theatres and cinema halls, only half the capacity of the premises will be allowed at any given time.

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