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Lockdown e-Concert ‘Milay sur…’ wins global award

Vertex Prime Stars of Hyd named in 10th America’s PR World Silver

A Hyderabad gated community found e-concert series to beat the lockdown blues, and it is a roaring success. It has brought to the fore several hidden talents and stands as a shining example to other communities across the world.

HYDERABAD, Oct 13 (BNC Network) An experimental but virtual musical concert designed to beat the COVID-triggered lockdown blues has been named as the silver award winner in the prestigious 10th PR World Awards.

The LD Prime Live e-Concert by Vertex Prime Stars, conceptualized by retired communication professional R.Rajeswari Iyer has won the award under ‘Best Service - To Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19’ in the COVID Business Response category.

The PR World Awards are industry and peer recognitions from SVUS Awards. These are the world’s premier awards honoring and recognizing in-house and agency achievements in the areas of advertising, branding, design, direct marketing, full service, internet and digital, marketing, media planning & buying, promotional, public relations, social media, and all other business and corporate communications.

Judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around the world participated and their average scores determined the 2020 award winners. Winners will be celebrated and presented their awards during a virtual awards ceremony in December.

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“It’s an honor to be named a winner by PR World Awards for this esteemed industry and peer recognition,” said R.Rajeswari Iyer. “This further validates our position as a group that can overcome any crisis and encourages us work together in our gated community,” she said.

This award winning story is about a gated community that turned the COVID crisis into an opportunity, beat the loneliness and to unearthed hidden talents and changed the lockdown to a most productive holiday.

It all started with the novel Corona a virus that blowing lives out of gear. Videos and pictures of the virus attacking Chinese were the first to come on air. Incurable disease COVID 19 killed many in the world and the bodies were dumped in masses. This led to panic and shock waves across the world, including the peaceful, beautiful city of Hyderabad.

Anxiety, fear, tension were all writ large on the faces and the silence was deafening.

A retired communication professional R.Rajeswari Iyer wore her thinking cap. Inspired by the Ogilvy created anthem for national integration – Milay Sur Mera Tumhara (My tune and your tune together make our tune), Rajeswari worked on a concert idea. A mock TV show with a mix of some news reading and a concert. She quickly had a virtual meeting with few active residents. They agreed to come together and take up the challenge. They planned to engage the community initially with an e-concert to ease the tension of increased workload and stress of being under house arrest, so to say.

Participants used bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and balconies to do the magic. We had a huge audience for this show as we hosted it in our community YOUTUBE and made it open for public viewing. Reach was unlimited. Community testimonials are proof of how we managed the show until lockdown 1.0 was announced.

“If there is a will, there is a way. Finally, pandemic taught us how to survive even in most difficult times. Life looked normal by interacting with each other in the name of this concert. The Vertex Prime Stars Produced 12 episodes running on weekends for two months. Our show was much more than a recipe for stress buster. It has demonstrated social solidarity,” Rajeshwari said. 

The Connect channel has done a detailed show with the Vertex Prime Stars led  by Rajeshwari.

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