Lissun to Your Mind (and do read this)

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Lissun to Your Mind (and do read this)

World Mental Health Day drive

Mental wellness startup LISSUN plans a week-long event 

NEW DELHI, Oct 2 (The CONNECT) – Mental wellness startup LISSUN has announced a new digital campaign #LISSUN to your Mind to support the theme of this year's World Mental Health Day – 'Mental health care for all: let's make it a reality'.

Lissun plans to have a week-long event from tomorrow, building up to World Mental Health Day being observed on October 10. The campaign will consist of panel discussions and conversations with experts and personalities from different social communities to share real-life experiences of people who fought mental illness. In addition, there will be events on art therapy, mindfulness, competition for college students, etc.

Krishna Veer Singh, Co-founder, Lissun, said, "We see a massive opportunity to integrate Mental Health into mainstream healthcare. LISSUN is here to make mental health care a part of everyday life.”

“It is important that people feel comfortable talking about their challenges. The seminar series is to share the experiences of people who have fought it, encouraging others to come


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ahead and be vocal about it. The experts on the panel will guide patients on how they can treat it and establish that it is only a challenge till we do not accept the fact that it is there," he said.

 "We witnessed a sudden spike in the number of queries post lockdown. There are patients of every age, but most are working professionals of 25-40 years of age. Even though these people are digital savvy, they are unable to speak up about their challenges. We also see cases wherein a person is not even aware if he is facing a mental disease. And the number has only gone up during the pandemic. So we understand that LISSUN is more relevant now than ever, "said Tarun Gupta, the other Co-founder of Lissun.

 In addition to keeping with the theme of 'Mental health care for all: let's make it a reality, there will be sessions to discuss the mental health needs on topics that are often ignored, such as LGBTQ+, psychosexual issues, mental health in small towns of India, How to care for the entire family, etc.

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