J.C. Chaudhry’s numbers make it to Guinness Big

It's allabout numbers! JC Chaudhry's (left) proud moment

J.C. Chaudhry’s numbers make it to Guinness Big

New Year Day event gets 6,000 live viewers

JC Chaudhry, Chairman of Indian Institute of Numerology, has been helping innumerable people obtain peace and prosperity in their lives

MUMBAI, Jan 6 (The CONNECT) - Eminent numerologist J.C. Chaudhry has created a world record by hosting the most viewed numerology session live-streamed on YouTube and walked into the Guinness World Record.

The theme of the session, held on the New Year Day, was ‘Power of Name – Fourth Dimension of Life’. The session highlighted how one can calculate one’s ‘Name Number’, check if the name brings a positive aspect to one’s life and scope of correction to make one’s name fortunate & vibrate with Date of Birth. The session was attended by nearly 6,000 viewers - the highest for such a session worldwide.

According to numerology, every number has its meaning. To attract prosperity in life, there should be a combination of numbers that represent the hidden characters of a person. Chaudhry offers name numerology, life numerology and future numerology chart reading services worldwide. With deep faith in ancient wisdom powers, he has provided numerology predictions and solutions to people facing relationship issues, marriage issues, losses in business etc. and received positive feedback from many.

Chaudhry, Chairman of Chaudhry Nummero Private Limited and Indian Institute of Numerology, has been practicing numerology for the last 37 years helping innumerable people obtain peace and prosperity in their lives. On the record winning show, he said, the increasing number of attendees reflects the growing interest of people in ancient science and how with numerology, one can chart a smooth, progressive and successful life path.

He has also authored two books on numerology – “Advanced Numerology” and “Practical Numerology” – assisting people to plan their life by reducing stress. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), a pioneer in the field of education motivating young students to pursue their dream. 

In 2018, he founded Chaudhry Nummero Pvt. Ltd., which conducts numerological audits of companies and offers consulting services in the areas of identifying the best time for investment, and suitable names for brands and companies, among others. Chaudhry’s JC Nummero, a mobile app, gives free numerology reports on various dimensions of life.

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