Jab for 18+ to help real nation builders - labour

Real nation builders need safety net

Jab for 18+ to help real nation builders - labour

Realtors hope to deliver homes rapidly after May 1

The vaccination of people above 18 years will give a big boost to construction, say NAREDCO & CREDAI-MCHI.

MUMBAI, Ape 20 (The CONNECT) – The vaccination of all citizens above the age of 18 years from May 1 onwards will give a big boost the construction activities and address the issue of reverse migration of labourers to some extent, say realtors.

Labourers are the most vital and integral part of real estate development and taking utmost care of them is our paramount responsibility, said Ashok Mohanani, president - NAREDCO Maharashtra.

After the record spike in Covid-19 cases, he said, the next phase of Covid-19 vaccination to those above 18 years of age is a great move by the Government. It will boost the construction activities as it will help the labourers to get vaccinated at the earliest.

He expressed the hope that the vaccination drive will be expedited further, mitigating the risk factor. The industry had requested the Government to allow the vaccination drive for labourers between the age-group of 20-45 years as most of the labourers fall in that bracket. It will also address the issue of reverse migration as after vaccination, the labourers will feel themselves safe.

“We have made the antigen test mandatory for all the migrant workers as per the Government guidelines till they get vaccinated,” he said and vowed to work closely with all the NAREDCO members to get all of the labourers vaccinated on priority." 

Pritam Chivukula, Co-Founder & Director, Tridhaatu Realty and Hon. Secretary, CREDAI-MCHI welcomed the move by the Government. The new strain of the virus is causing much more damage to the younger generation of the population than the elders, he pointed out and said the derision to expand the age bracket for the vaccination will also help the construction sector in a big way as it will help vaccinate the construction workers who are the real nation builders.

“We had written to the Government to grant permission to conduct the vaccination for the labourers on priority as the earlier GOI directive only permitted vaccination above 45 years of age. Now, we look forward to getting the labourers vaccinated at the earliest which will streamline the construction activities and help build the dream homes of the people of India," Chivukula added.

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