India’s 1st, Year-Long Weekend Market Kicks Off At Hyd

Glimpses of HWM

India’s 1st, Year-Long Weekend Market Kicks Off At Hyd

Connects Local Entrepreneurs, Home Producers, Small Farmers With Customers

Food in India travels on an average 300 kms before it reaches our kitchen table, Weekend Market saves on fossil fuels and reduces pollution.

HYDERABAD, Nov 8(BNC Network) A new concept Hyderabad Weekend Market (HWM) has kicked off at Hitex here.

The concept, described as India’s first is all about Shop, Eat and Celebrate, says Sameer Patra, Founder of Aqua Farming Technologies and Solutions, who along with PG Srikanth, Business ahead of Hitex, inaugurated the market


It will be held on alternative weekends all through the year. With 50 stalls, it is open to one and all between 10am to 8pm.  

Patra said, food in India travels on an average 300 kms before it reaches our kitchen table. Weekend Market saves on travel time for food products and results in less fuel is burnt and less carbon emission.


The entry to the HWM is free. We expect 5,000 people to visit it this weekend. HWM also serves as good outing for the people in nearby places. It provides platform to small entrepreneurs and enterprises. All products exhibited here are natural, handmade, farm grown, organic, fresh, healthy and unadulterated. Taking inspiration from Prime Minister Modi’s call ‘GLOCAL’, we planned this event, Patra explained.

Some of the stalls include: The Green Courtyard, Rajasthan Artistry, Emerg, Swiss Life Sciences LLP, Sattviko, Ecogrill India, Kalanaipunyam, Miracle Creations, Farm Bells, 100% Herbal, Mr Tiny Grocer, Blue-Bay Real Fresh Seafood, Frostics Food Court; Meghduth Biryani, Roll Zone, Roll Over and many other.

The HWM showcased Food Courts, Farm Fresh products, Arts, Crafts, Textiles, Organic Food Products, Juices, Healthy and Natural Food Products, Eco-Friendly Toys.

A Techie-cum-entrepreneur Divya Kattela showcases eco-friendly toys made up of soft wood, clay and paper pulp. It’s a hobby turned passion cum home entrepreneurship said Divya who is currently working with an IT company.

Dr Shravani, Dentist and her husband Dr. Jon, a Pediatrician set up Rajasthan Artistry, a collection of Rajasthani Arts and Crafts from all the 33 Districts of Rajasthan. Some of those unique products displayed include beautiful Handmade Sunglasses pouch sold at Rs 400/-. My endeavor is to introduce Rajasthani Arts and Crafts to South says Dr. Shravani.

Kalanaipunyam stall set up by Purnima, a child Psychologist and Therapist, showcased Kauna Grass(Water Hyacinth) made products such as embroidered money pouches, picnic basket, Tiffin box, organizer bowls, coasters, trendy hat, floor rug etc.

A B.Sc Microbiology student turned entrepreneur Atiya showcases unique chocolates. Her start-up (studentpreneur) took birth during the lockdown when they couldn’t go out to eat, started experimenting. She started her venture, wide variety of chocolate making, with Rs 10,000/- investment borrowed from parents. Now she wants to settle us a studentpreneur as she is still pursuing her studies. She named her company ‘Homemade Delight’. Some of her products include: Eggless Cake, Dark Chocolates and other.

Sattviko showcased purest form of healthy, natural food products; Nature’s Trunk made available naturally grown and chemical free A2 Gir Cow Ghee, Wild Honey Jaggery, Pink Salt, Country Eggs etc. It is a start-up of farmers. It supplies Natural, Chemical Free, Unadulterated, Healthy and Essential Foods. Give farmers a chance to grow better good, it says.

Swaas displayed Natural Floor Cleaners, Air Fresheners, Deodorizer Powder and so on.

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