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In case you forgot, World Malaria Day is on April 25

India targets zero malaria by 2030

Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan says in India malaria cases are down by 84.5%, deaths by 83.6%

NEW DELHI, Apr 24 (The CONNECT) - Tomorrow is World Malaria Day and this year’s theme is Reaching the Zero Malaria target. it is a reminder that the mosquito-driven disease is still around. But the good news is that India has been able to achieve remarkable success in reducing the malaria burden in terms of cases by 84.5% and deaths by 83.6% which has been well recognized by World Malaria Reports of 2018, 2019, and 2020, says Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan.

WHO has attributed India’s success to rejuvenated political commitment, strengthened technical leadership which focused on prioritizing the right mix of vector control measures and increased domestic funding to support the effective implementation of elimination strategies,” he Dr Vardhan said in his Malaria Day eve address.

This year’s theme, he said, is particularly “important in the context of our country, as we are working to eliminate malaria nationally and to contribute to improved health, quality of life and alleviation of poverty.” “The World Malaria Day celebrations also provide inspiration to the global community and all affected countries that are working to root out this deadly disease & improve the health and livelihood of their people,” he said.

The Minister expressed his elation at the fact that in 2020, as many as 116 districts in the Country reported zero malaria cases and congratulated all the States and districts concerned, and all the health officials and organizations that helped India attain this remarkable feat.

Dr. Vardhan also noted that health-workers achieved a monumental feat during the Pandemic: “Despite major public health challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, various good practices have been observed in healthcare delivery, such as an integrated approach to maintain non-COVID essential services, also ensuring the continuation of effective delivery of anti-malaria interventions. It is heartening to note that the availability of all drugs and diagnostic kits at all levels was ensured. Malaria Mukt Abhiyan in the Bastar Region of Chhattisgarh, was successfully carried out wherein 3.78 million people were screened for malaria. Besides this, 25.2 million long lasting insecticidal nets were distributed to the community in the high malaria endemic areas.”

He expressed the hope that all State governments will give further momentum to ensure that the gains in this regard are sustained despite the pandemic challenges, and the march towards malaria elimination does not slow down. “With active community participation and sound inter-sectoral coordination, India will be able to achieve its malaria elimination target by 2030,” he stated.

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