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IAF in 24-hr Mission Mode to Fly O2 amid Covid-19 Surge

Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria is personally monitoring

By SHWETA SEHGAL and Staff  

(By Arranhgement with India STRATEGIC)

The entire transport fleet of the Indian Air Force is operating in a 24×7 mission mode surge to swiftly transport oxygen in the midst of the Covid-19.

NEW DELHI, May 5 (The CONNECT)- The entire transport fleet of the Indian Air Force, comprising heavy and medium-lift aircraft and helicopters are operating in a 24×7 mission mode in the midst of the Covid-19 surge to swiftly transport oxygen and containers  to airfields closest to recharging facilities. Apart from airlifts within the country, containers are also being airlifted from Singapore, Dubai, Frankfurt, RAF Belize Norton and Bangkok.
“The Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, is personally monitoring the operations to ensure that they are optimised,” an IAF officer involved in the relief efforts, told India Strategic.
As of  May 2, the IAF carried out 30 sorties from abroad, airlifting 47 Oxygen containers with 830 MT capacity. It carried out 192 sorties, airlifting 184 containers with close to MT capacity. This involved 269 hours and 119 hours of flying domestically and internationally respectively. “Indian Air Force has swung into action by carrying out sorties from various parts of the country to airlift oxygen containers, cylinders, essential medicines, equipment required for setting up and sustaining COVID hospitals and facilities,” the Defence Ministry said in a statement.

Details: IAF in 24-hour Mission Mode to Transport Oxygen Containers in midst of Covid-19 Surge – India Strategic

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