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Herbea, Ayurvedic tea to suit modern tastes, hits market

Bouquet of seven products to suit lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle and strong immunity are the cornerstones to holistic well-being, says Indraneel Chitale, co-founder, Herbea,

PUNE, Nov 3 (BNC Network) Ayurvedic tea brand Herbea, has hit the market with a bouquet of seven products to suit the varying modern-day sensibilities and lifestyle requirements.

Herbea has been conceptualized as a confluence of legacies, expertise, and vision to create a path to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The founders have endeavoured to re-create the age-old culture of infusion teas to suit modern lifestyles. More products will be added going forward.

The different variants are: DIGES - TEA for better digestion, STABILI – TEA for fighting diabetes by maintaining sugar balance, DETOX – TEA for removing impurities from body, COOLING – TEA for cooling the mind from hectic schedule, IMMUNI - TEA for helping improve immunity, DE-STRESS TEA to calm down the nerves, AGILI - TEA for better metabolism.

The teas are made of ingredients endorsed as highly effective in the science of Ayurveda such as fennel, punarnava, country rose, ananta, coriander, amla, triphala, ginger, among many others.

Indraneel Chitale, Co-founder, Herbea, said, “A healthy lifestyle and strong immunity are the cornerstones to holistic well-being – something that has been underscored by the recent pandemic as well. It is therefore important that our food habits and what we eat, reflect the same. Ayurveda is an age-old practice and herbs have since time immemorial helped heal and improve the human body greatly. Herbea brings together 11 generations of Ayurvedic wisdom packaged in a modern avatar to its consumers through a variety of teas. We will also be launching other products soon.”


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