Help elders reclaim their Azadi!

Ned we say more?

Help elders reclaim their Azadi!

Silent sufferers due to loss of urine control

Nobel Hygiene launches audio campaign on International Day of older persons

MUMBAI, Oct 1 (The CONNECT) - Nobel Hygiene’s Friends, India’s Number 1 disposable adult diaper brand, today launched an audio campaign on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons.

The main aim is to help elders begin a conversation with their family members and help them to better deal with incontinence.

Aimed at increasing awareness regarding the incontinence problem faced by elderly adults, the company launched two audio tapes.

The first tape tells the story of a grandfather who loses control of his bladder while waiting to pick up his grandson from school. The second is the story of a woman who loses bladder control while serving snacks to a prospective daughter-in-law and her family.

Kartik Johari, Vice-President – Marketing & e-commerce, Nobel Hygiene, said “The aim of this campaign is to expose people to the very real human stories behind the problem of incontinence. The loss of urine control can leave people feeling helpless and isolated, unable to talk even to the closest of


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their family. And this could be happening in YOUR home! We hope these tapes will help listeners start a conversation with seniors at home and help find an easy solution to a very real problem."

These have been produced in-house by the Nobel Hygiene Marketing team. They have been written by Brand Content Editor Shayonnita Mallik and produced in collaboration with the freelance media production collective, Plan2Shoot.

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