Golden Tap Stops ‘Con’sealed Gold Leak

'Con'seal job

Golden Tap Stops ‘Con’sealed Gold Leak

61.5 kg Yellow Metal Came In Tringle Valves From China

DRI sleths' operation leads to seizure of Rs 32.5 cr worth gold  at Delhi Air Cargo Complex

NEW DELHI, May 12 (The CONNECT) - In a covert intelligence operation code-named "Golden Tap", the officers of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) intercepted an air cargo consignment at Delhi Air Cargo Complex, on the suspicion that it might have smuggled gold concealed therein. The consignment declared to contain Triangle Valves, had originated from Guangzhou, China, and had arrived yesterday at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport by a Japan Airlines flight.

Angular valves are generally used to regulate pressure and flow of liquids or gas.

After a thorough and prolonged examination which continued till early this morning, a large number of the imported triangle valves were found to have 24 karat gold concealed in them. The intricate method of concealment, which necessitated a careful and time-consuming extraction process, would have escaped detection had it not been for the specific intelligence gathered by DRI officers.

After an intensive examination, the officers of DRI were able to recover 61.5 kilograms of gold having a market value of Rs. 32.5 crore from the consignment. The recovered gold, found to be of 99 percent purity, has been seized.

This detection comes on the heels of other recent seizures of gold from air cargo and courier consignments made by the agency. These include the seizures of 11 kg of gold worth more than Rs. 5.88 crore in Lucknow and Mumbai in May, 2022 and previous seizures of 16.79 kg gold, valued at Rs. 8 crore,  from a courier consignment in July, 2021, followed by the seizure of 80.13 kg gold, valued at Rs. 39.31 crore, in November, 2021 from an air cargo consignment - both at New Delhi.

DRI’s ability to detect such sophisticated modes of concealment is reinforced by these seizures and acts as a deterrent to those attempting to compromise India’s economic frontiers. DRI remains committed to continuing its relentless crackdown against the perpetrators of these crimes.

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