From Scarcity To Abundance

Ankur in conversation with Shubraa

From Scarcity To Abundance

The Generation Gap Among Parents

The only rule book for parenting is to stop being a parent; There is too much parenting, said Ankur Warikoo, author of Do Epic Shit, Get Epic Shit Done

HYDERABAD, Mar 18 (The CONNECT) – The parents’ generation suffered because of the scarcity of things and facilities, but, the current generation is suffering from abundance.

Stating this Ankur Warikoo, the author of two books- Do Epic Shit, Get Epic Shit Done – said the only rule book for parenting is to stop being a parent. “There is too much parenting, but still, we have so many problems with our young generation,” Warikoo said participating in an interactive session organized by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) today.

Parenting is the single biggest responsibility on the earth.   But it is left to parents to learn on the job.  There is no formal training. In many cases, a lot of parents are emotionally not available when the kids need them the most, said Warikoo, an ISB alumnus, a YouTuber and a serial entrepreneur, educator and content creator.

Allow children to explore life on their own, Warikoo, a Kashmiri who grew up in Delhi, said.

God doesn't teach children.  They learn many things by looking at and observing their parents.  Being good, doing good, and being inspirational is the best thing a parent can do for his or her child.  Because children are the reflection of their parents, Warikoo who is  an AstroPhysics Ph D dropout from a US imoversity.

Recalling his stay in Hyderabad, he said, it is a dear city to him.  “Whatever I am today because of what ISB gave to me, he told his audience.  I was born in a middle-class family. I was confused about life.  I wanted to become a Space Scientist.  It went to the USA to pursue my dream at a very good University. But, I realized that I was not happy. I came back to India dropping myself from the Ph. D in the AstroPhysics program, much to the shock of my parents,’’ he narrated.

He said, "what you are good at is different from what you are happy with". I was totally confused.  That is when I got enrolled at ISB for management studies. I tried a couple of jobs as a consultant. Then I started a start-up. I built several startups in due course.  I stepped down as CEO of my startup.  I began my journey as a content creator at the age of 40, Warikoo, the former CEO of Groupon India and co-founder & former CEO of Nearbuy, said

In her opening remarks, Shubhraa Maheshwari, chairperson of FLO,  recalled Nelson Mandela's famous quote: "the greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall". She said that success is never easy one.  There are no shortcuts to success.  “We will learn today from Ankur how to deal with failure,” she remarked.

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