French Gameloft to ride on WinZo to hit small town markets

French Gameloft to ride on WinZo to hit small town markets

Global gaming market leader enters India

India’s largest social gaming platform WinZO facilitates more than 2.5 billion micro-transactions per month

MUMBAI, Nov 28 (The CONNECT) - India’s largest social gaming platform WinZO has partnered with the French gaming giant Gameloft to help the latter catalyse its reach in Indian vernacular markets.

Gameloft is a global market leader in casual gaming and has over 150 massively popular titles, such as Asphalt 9 and several action and racing games, garnering over 1.2 billion downloads. Understanding the merit in increasing vernacular reach, Gameloft will leverage WinZO’s 65 million+ user base to improve monetization in India.

Gameloft will leverage WinZO’s users, based in India’s big and small-town markets, 80% of whom are consuming the games in non-English languages. 

India accounts for 12% of downloads, translating into approx. 150 million users, but accrues only a meagre 0.6% of their global revenue share making it a high potential market and an underutilised one.

For Gameloft, this is a challenge that WinZO is strategically positioned to help solve and aid. As a part of this collaboration, WinZO will also be offering its platform capabilities such as streaming, gaming formats, and WinZO Store to drive Asphalt 9’s revenue. This serves as an apt opportunity for Gameloft to better monetise the vast engagement coming from the region.  

Apart from hosting over 80 games in 12 vernacular languages and multiple formats, WinZO facilitates more than 2.5 billion micro-transactions per month. The platform also has an in-app marketplace, WinZO Store, that facilitates the sale of in-app currencies at the lowest commissions compared to any conventional app stores such as Google Play Store, Apple Play Store amongst others. WinZO has quickly emerged as a new avenue of distribution for game developers who have been concerned about the hefty commissions charged by other dominant app stores. Over 300 game developers who have integrated their games on WinZO have benefitted from WinZO’s unique and innovative integration methodology that promises a 100X revenue when compared to alternative revenue sources. 


This collaboration will also see WinZO deploy its strong influencer base to increase user awareness and penetration regarding Gameloft’s global titles. Mobilization of this captive regional influencer base will create localized content around these titles, which would potentially garner 1 Billion + impressions. Content specific to these titles will be live streamed in 12+ languages with an eventual target to drive sales and run live deals.

Commenting on the new association, Paavan Nanda, the CEO & co-founder of WinZO said, more than 60% of the platfirm’s 65 million+ user base are premium paying users which makes it well positioned to help big global companies to increase their presence in India’s booming vernacular gaming market.

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