Dozen Dist. Magistrates Have Lot To Explain to Yogi Govt

Dozen Dist. Magistrates Have Lot To Explain to Yogi Govt

Sub-District Magistrates Get Earful

Yogi Government takes tough stand against underperforming officers in settling revenue matters such as land measurement.

LUCKNOW, Nov 3 (The CONNECT) - The Yogi Adityanath-led  Uttar Pradesh government has sought explanations from 12 district magistrates on negligence in revenue related matters.

During a high-level review of the Revenue Board held on October 31, District Magistrates who performed badly in settling total revenue matters, land measurement (paimaish), and Kurra-Bantwara were asked for explanation.

Also, the  Sub-District Magistrates (SDMs) were issued warnings, and adverse entries were given to Tehsildars.

Additional Chief Secretary of the Revenue Board, Sudhir Garg, emphasized that the Chief Minister has placed special importance on the swift resolution of revenue matters in the state. He highlighted that revenue disputes often lead to challenges in maintaining law and order. In response to this concern, the Chief Minister has issued directives to launch a two-month special campaign aimed at the prompt and timely resolution of pending cases in 2941 revenue courts of the state.

It is noteworthy that the progress in clearing pending revenue cases is monitored every 15 days at the Chief Minister's level. The Chief Minister has firmly instructed underperforming officers to enhance their efficiency in handling these matters.

Under this, explanation has been sought from the District Magistrates of Pratapgarh, Jaunpur, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Ayodhya, and Rae Bareli, which are the worst performing districts in disposal of total revenue cases.

Apart from this, warnings have been issued to  SDMs of five tehsils Safipur (Unnao), Loni (Ghaziabad), Koraon (Prayagraj), Nakud (Saharanpur), and Fatehabad (Agra), for their inadequate handling of land measurement matters. Additionally, explanation has been sought from the District Magistrates of poorly performing districts, including Meerut, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Prayagraj, Shahjahanpur, and Agra, in this regard.

In a similar vein, adverse entries have been given to the tehsildars of Duddhi (Sonbhadra), Mihipurwan (Bahraich), Obra (Sonbhadra), Meja (Prayagraj), and Raebareli (Raebareli) due to their negligence in handling name transfer cases. Additionally, explanations have been sought from the District Magistrates of Rae Bareli, Pratapgarh, Sonbhadra, Ayodhya, and Sant Ravidas Nagar districts, which have shown poor performance in case disposal.

Furthermore, warnings have been issued to the sub-district magistrates of tehsils Bhadohi (Sant Ravidas Nagar), Raniganj (Pratapgarh), Haidergarh (Barabanki), Handia (Prayagraj), and Campierganj (Gorakhpur) for their inadequate handling of Kurra-Bantwara cases.

Explanations have also been sought from the District Magistrates of Sant Ravidas Nagar, Pratapgarh, Balrampur, Deoria, and Prayagraj districts, which have shown poor performance in Kurra-Bantwara matters.

ONE FAMILY ONE IDENTITY: The State, meanwhile, has launched the ambitious 'Family ID: One Family One Identity' scheme to link eligible families with government initiatives.

This scheme is an essential tool for identifying new beneficiaries, and work is being done on adding lakhs of new beneficiaries in various schemes.

The initiative encompasses the Chief Minister Kanya Sumangala Yojana, multiple pension schemes, and efforts to bring out-of-school children back into the educational system. The primary objective of the Family ID program is to enhance its effectiveness by identifying deserving recipients, eliminating duplicate or fake beneficiaries, and simplifying the application process to ease the burden on citizens.

According to the data received under Family ID, preparations are underway to expand the reach of the Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangala Yojana by including additional beneficiaries. Potential beneficiaries under the scheme have been identified, and a list of 28,000 verified eligible recipients is poised for enrolment in this program.

Furthermore, more than 5,000 new applications have been received. The process involves contacting beneficiaries via the CM helpline, followed by on-site verification by the District Program Officer (DPO).

Similarly, there is a plan to include new pensioners under the National Food Security Act (NFSA). Currently, 16 lakh beneficiaries already receiving pensions (such as old age, widow, or disability) have been identified, but excluded from the NFSA. The objective is to include 2 lakh such pensioners by the conclusion of November.

Furthermore, there are efforts to encompass senior citizens availing NFSA benefits, which are not part of old age pension. The scheme aims to identify 3.26 lakh single-member households whose members are ineligible for old-age pension benefits. Plans are underway to contact these potential beneficiaries through the CM Helpline.


Additionally, the potential out-of-school students (6-14 years) will also be included in the schools associated with the Basic Education Department through Family ID. This initiative has identified 22 lakh families where one child in the 6-14 age group attends basic education while other siblings lack the necessary documentation for enrollment.

According to the information received, the Family ID database has successfully mapped 4.8 crore beneficiaries across 42 different schemes and services offered by 13 departments. Notably, beneficiary data from four Government of India schemes has also been integrated into this system. The initiative has identified potential new beneficiaries through four distinct analytical use cases.

Among the beneficiaries already registered in this program, 3.61 crore families holding ration cards are already part of the National Food Security Act (NFSA) database, with their ration card number as their family ID. Additionally, non-ration card holder families can now enrol under the Family ID initiative, with a total of 1.42 lakh applications received and 55 thousand family IDs successfully created.

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