Depression, invisible enemy

Say-No-To-Suicide campaign by FICCI ladies

Depression is treatable. Suicide is preventable. Let us together address this.

HYDERABAD, Sep 08 (BNC Network) Mental Health affects health in many ways. But, still we refuse to acknowledge it.

Stating this, Usharani Manne, Chairperson of the FLO Hyderabad Chapter asked: Why it doesn’t get the due importance it deserves?

“Towards this direction,” she said, “we kick-started a year-long campaign in association with Roshni NGO, to spread the message of positive mental health.”

Through the campaign, FLO will ask those undergoing the symptoms to reach out to those who can help – be it professionals, family members or friends…and those who are around them, to extend a hand, an ear, and shoulder in help. “Because when we reach out, there’s always somebody,” she said.

FLO embarked on a Say No to Suicide - Video Challenge in association with NGO Roshni ahead of the World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th.

Usha Tipirneni of Roshni said the forum helps people struggling with suicidal tendencies. “Mental depression is the invisible enemy that takes our lives away. It is a complex problem which doesn’t have single treatment like a vaccine for the relief from Corona. 8 million people die annually across the globe. In India, in the year 2019 alone 1.39 lakh committed suicide. One suicide is happening every minute all over the world,” she said.

Depression is curable. Suicide is preventable. “Let us together address this menace,” she added




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