Delta is the most transmissible COVID variant – WHO

Viruses evolve. We have to be cautious


Fears of a constellation of viruses, says WHO expert

MUMBAI, June 25 (The CONNECT) - Delta variant is the most transmissible of the COVID19 variants identified so far, the World Health Organisation has said.

Addressing a virtual global media meet WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tonight (IST) said Delta has so far been identified in at least 85 countries, and is spreading rapidly among unvaccinated populations.

“We identified four variants and are studying seven more,” said Maria DeJoseph Van Kerkhove, Technical Lead- COVID 19, WHO Health Emergencies Programme.

“There could be a constellation of viruses. We don’t know yet,” she said.

Dr Tedros pointed out that new variants are expected and will continue to be reported. “That’s what viruses do, they evolve - but we can prevent the emergence of variants by preventing COVID19 transmission,” he said.

“It’s quite simple: more transmission, more variants. Less transmission, less variants,” Dr Tedros said.

Asked as to why Delta is the most transmissible, Dr Kerkhove said the variant is still evolving and studies are on.

The variant can spread with close contacts, typically in a conversational distance. Indoors are riskier than outdoors, she said.

WHO is still does not know the infectious dose that can cause nor about the CT level, she said and stressed that one has to be cautious about droplets and aerosols.

“Wear your mask and remove it with clean hands, minimise your exposure,” she said.

She said all the COVID protocol measures that we have taken so far have to be reinforced. The best solution is prevention, she added.

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