Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Mind

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Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Mind

Clearing The Mess Brings Positive Vibes – Gayatri Gandhi

Clutter gives a busy signal to the brain and reduces efficiency, triggers constant feelings of guilt, explains India’s first KonMari certified Gayatri Gandhi says

HYDERABAD, Sep 2 (The CONNECT) - If you are struggling with space in your house, office or desk, if your cupboards/racks are full and you are running out of storage space and things are lying around everywhere in your house, office, or desk, decluttering is the session you must attend.

As the festival season sets in, it is time for the annual cleaning ritual and in this context the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Hyderabad Chapter organised a session with Gayatri Gandhi, a Delhi-based expert, founder of Founder of start-up Joy Factory, a start-up. 

Gayatri Gandhi said a cluttered room, home, office, or desk makes a cluttered mind. They mean negative energy. A neat and clean place means a lot of positive energy. “Yet we don’t follow,” Gayatri said.

Gayatri, who visits many corporates, IIMs and organisations repute reputation across the country said clutter causes stress and anxiety and makes it difficult for us to relax both mentally and physically.  The chaos of clutter restricts our ability to focus and process information.  It gives a busy signal to the brain and reduces efficiency and it triggers constant feelings of guilt, she explained. 

The Japanese KonMari method, in which she is certified, advises organising things in categories.  She gave an order such as 01. Clothes, 02. Books, 03. Papers, 04. Miscellaneous items and lastly Sentimental items.  This is the order in which you need to prioritise in organising things, she said. 

Keep and organise such things and ways that spark joy, she said.  The purpose of our life is to be happy.  So organise things that give you happiness.  You may donate those things or clothes that served you and allow them to serve their purpose for the less fortunate, she said.

She demonstrated how to fold clothes and organise various things in the kitchen, rooms, offices and desks. The expensive and traditional clothes can be organised the same way our mothers have been doing, she said.  The Indian way of folding and keeping them is good, she said.

If you don’t declutter and organise things, you don’t remember what you own and you end up buying the same things many times, Gayatri said.

The Kitchen countertop has to be empty, she said.

 Many items that help in organising things in a systematic manner are available in IKEA and Amazon, she said.

 She gave a list of products for an effective kitchen such as Wire Baskets, Pan Holder, Acrylic Trays, Cutlery Trays, Lazy Susan, IKEA Variera Box and Shelf Risers. 

 Giving her opening remarks on the session with the theme – Let’s Spark a Joy - Ritu Shah, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad, said that it is not just about tidying up spaces; it's about aligning our environment with our spirit and understanding that every object in our lives should spark joy.

The idea is not to have the least number of things but to have only those things that truly add value, meaning, and joy to one's life, Ritu said.

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