Cow dung extract for anti-bacterial fabric, paint

Revolutionary fabric - Rane

Cow dung extract for anti-bacterial fabric, paint

KVIC launches unique products

Narayan Rane said plastic-mixed handmade paper units can be job-generator and help create beat plastic menace

NEW DELHI, Nov 26 (The CONNECT) - Union Minister for MSME Narayana Rane today launched the unique anti-bacterial fabric developed by Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute, Jaipur, under KVIC.

The fabric is treated with anti-bacterial agent extracted from cow dung which prevents bacterial growth in the fabric.

Rane said, this innovative fabric could be great use in hospitals and other medical facilities.

The Minister also lauded the innovative KhadiPrakritik Paint made from cow dung and the unique plastic-mixed handmade paper developed by the Institute. He said, the two products had great potential of creating rural employment while also contributing to environment protection.

Rane said, KhadiPrakritik Paint is a unique product which can serve the twin objectives of employment generation as well as environment protection. It is eco-friendly and cost-effective. He added that his Ministry aims at setting up KhadiPrakritik Paint units in every part of the country that will give a big boost to government’s rural employment initiatives.

The Minister directed the officials to explore feasibility of setting up plastic-mixed handmade paper units in rural areas for creating local employment. He said, this handmade paper unit developed by KVIC will go a long way in fighting the menace of single-use plastic. On the one hand, this will clear the plastic waste from nature, while  on the other it will create thousands of new employment in the handmade paper industry and strengthen the rural economy, he observed.

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