Corrupt Will Have To Pay For 7 Generations - Yogi

Corrupt cant hide, will pull them out - Yogi

Corrupt Will Have To Pay For 7 Generations - Yogi

Ill-Gotten Properties Will Be Confiscated, Used for Poor

Before 2017, a few rackets used to operate in the state that acted like termites, Yogi Adityanath said

LUCKNOW, Sep 9 (the CONNECT) - Giving out a strong message against corruption and those indulging in it, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said such elements and their seven generations will have to pay for their crimes as “their properties will be confiscated.”

The Chief Minister said that in the last five years, as the state has been made riot-free by ending the mafia rule, the government would start a similar campaign against corruption soon.  “Acting on the policy of zero-tolerance, the Government will seize the ill-gotten wealth of the corrupt and utilise it for the benefit of the poor.”

Yogi Adityanath was addressing a public rally at an event organised at the Vir Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. During the programme, the CM launched 116 development projects worth Rs 258 crore.

Lambasting the previous governments for their inaction over corruption, the CM said, “Corruption was in their genes. They used to make schemes to benefit their own contractors and people. The price of every work was fixed in advance,” he alleged.

Before 2017, a few rackets used to operate in the state that acted like termites in development works, for which the entire state had to bear the brunt. Today, in examinations or appointments, there is fairness and transparency everywhere, he added.

The CM went on to say that in his government eligible persons are getting the benefits of government schemes without any discrimination.

The Chief Minister also imspected the functioning of Late Umanath Singh Medical College and STP (sewage treatment plants). He said, “A district like Jaunpur with unlimited potential is getting everything that it deserves today, something it waited for decades.”  

The CM also spoke about the Prime Minister’s resolve of ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’ and said that everyone has to maintain honesty and fairness in their field of work. Everyone's cooperation is necessary for fulfilling the resolve of a self-reliant India.

Earlier at Mau, Yogi said said that criminals, and corrupt elements will not be spared for creating nuisance, and obstructing development, irrespective of who they are. “Apradhi ko Patal se bhi nikal layenge (will drag criminals out of their dens),” remarked the CM.

Launching nearly 47 development projects worth Rs 204 crore in the Mau district, he said “Previously, the presence of criminals, mafias and their henchmen tarnished the image of Mau, stalled the development work here and utilised the funds meant for poor in building their own ‘havelis’ (palaces) and satisfying their interests,” said Yogi adding, “The talented youth of Mau, was made to struggle before 2017.”

Yogi said that the Purvanchal Expressway connecting Mau to the state capital will ensure that the talented youth of Mau does not have to struggle for getting employment, and rather creates employment opportunities for others. “Improved road network is not only necessary for better transportation, but also, through the creation of industrial clusters, will encourage the development of the district,” he said.

Maintaining that the BJP’s double-engine government worked dedicatedly to serve people during the Covid-19 pandemic, the CM said that free vaccines, free testing facilities, free treatment and free double-dose of foodgrains was provided to every needy in the state. “Under PM Modi’s guidance, India has even led world’s fight against Covid-19 by developing two of its own vaccines and over 200 crore doses of the Covid-19 vaccines have been administered so far,” he said.

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