Climatic risks to impact Indian economy

Mridula - Be Ready For Climatic Change Impact

Climatic risks to impact Indian economy

More vulnerable than many other countries

The country needs to manage its water well, says Mridula Ramesh, Founder- Sundaram Climate Institute

MUMBAI, May 25 (The CONNECT) – India is vulnerable to the climate change more than some other nations and that its economy is more exposed to the climate risks, according to Mridula Ramesh, Founder- Sundaram Climate Institute

Participating in a virtual fire-side chat organised by Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, Mridula pointed out that India does not have the financial space to manoeuvre these climate risks and that causing everyone to get impacted by it in the years to come. She said the fact that the planet became warmer by just one degree Celsius has an exponential impact on the climate leading to floods and natural calamities.

She said India is not a big emitter but has the highest carbon price which has allowed to give birth to unicorns in the field of solar, renewable and EVs. The country, she said, is not good at managing water. On an average, “we provide about 50-70 litres per hear once-twice a week.” The nation spends too less on water and opined that we need a formal water pricing she said suggested that the government should take a cue from Israel and Singapore which have been able to create water innovation economies and promote a global water entrepreneurship models which is adding billions to their GDP every year.

She said that climate in future will touch every part of our personal and professional life. “Understanding climate change will give us a source of competitive advantage and build for a better tomorrow.

Dr. Suresh Ramanathan, Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management, appreciated Mridula for her thoughts which he said would be highly beneficial to the students. Over 250 students participated in the event.

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