A Balwadi celebrates Children's Week 2020

Children’s Week @ Balwadis & Anganwadis

Ampersand Group initiative in Maharashtra

The Initiative covered 620 Balwadis under the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and 25 Anganwadis in Nashik under PPP with Ministry of Women & Child Development

MUMBAI, Nov 11 (BNC Network): Ampersand Group which operates and manages 620 balwadis of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai with an outreach of 20,000 students launched the Children’s Week celebrations.

Ampersand Group launched the celebrations to enable students to share and post messages online by tagging #ForUsEveryDayIsChildren'sDay and #HappyChildren’sDay. The week-long celebrations are been held virtually owing to the lockdown of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Students across balwadis have started posting inspirational messages with many of them thanking their teachers for conducting online lectures during the pandemic. Students uploaded videos of them reciting poems, drew portraits of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and also dressed as the former prime minister. They also shared videos of their ambitions, drawings, photographs of their activities conducted during the week. The MCGM balwadis teachers were inspirational in conducting mammoth exercise considering the outreach also posted messages for the students who they have been teaching over the past several years.

Along with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Balwadis, Ampersand Group also launched this initiative across 25 Anganwadis in Nashik which is under the Public Private Partnership model with the Ministry of Women & Child Development. This is among the largest exercise conducted during the lockdown by Ampersand Group with the students of MCGM Balwadis after they initiated a #ThankYouTeacher campaign on account of Teacher’s Day on September 5. In addition, Hubble Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools from Punjab are participating in this activity.

Dr. Reeta Sonawat, Director, Academics & Training, Ampersand Group said, “Our teachers have contributed outstandingly in maintaining continuity during the lockdown and have been transforming pedagogy and new ways of learning. The online Children’s Week celebrations is a unique way to further holistic development among children and cultivate young minds through the most entertaining use of interactive digital technology. This will strengthen inter-relationships between children, parents, and teachers while instilling virtues and values that will aid social and emotional development and instill self-esteem during this uncertain time.”

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