Breaking! AI can help check TRP rackets

Comes handy in COVID tracking, power grid failure prediction

AI can also be used to predict droughts, monitor public distribution system and so on.

NAVI MUMBAI: Artificial Intelligence, which is making waves in managing the functioning of complex oil refineries to FMCG supply chain, can easily be applied for monitoring Television Rating Points (TRPs) as well as an excellent e-governance tool, say IT experts.

Even COVID tracking and power grid failures can also be tracked, said Nandan Mishra, CEO of Algo AI.

In an exclusive chat with The Connect channel, Mishra explained that AI  can easily be implemented for measuring viewership of TV programmes by creating QR codes. At random, viewers can be asked to scan and send the code with an incentive.

Asked about the possibility of the duplications or attempts to show multiple QRs from the same scanner, he said this can be checked at the monitoring level.

This assumes significance in view of the recent reports and controversy over TRP rigging and the monitoring agency BARC suspending ratings for three months to clean-up the system.

The DTH operators anyway are aware of the consumption pattern of various programmes, Mishra pointed out and said the data can be collated and analysed. Even the set-top boxes at cable homes can also be altered. In any case, the cable TV distributors also draw signals via their own dish antennas.

Answering a series of question from The Connect editor B N Kumar, the AI expert said the mechanism is being used for monitoring the power for a foreign company. Basis the crisis history, grid failures can now be predicted to allow corrective action.

On e-governance, he said his company is working with the Himachal Pradesh government to monitor the growth of forestation through GPS tagging. Also the pattern of the survival of various sapling species.

He agreed with the interviewer that AI can also be used to predict droughts, monitor public distribution system and so on.

Also says offers technology-based solutions in COVID care for symptomatic tracking and analysis, automated fever screening, cough and sneeze detection, ensuring social distancing and drone-based surveillance.


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