Boeing Offers its latest F-15EX for IAF

And Hopes to Land F-18 Block III on Indian Navy Carriers

                                                     BY GULSHAN LUTHRA 

                                                     (By Arrangement with THE STRATEGIC)

The F 15EX is a new generation but heavy aircraft, with capability to carry and fire 22 missiles. It is not clear yet if it will be in the current competition, but a Government-to-Government deal, as in the case of Rafale, is always possible.

NEW DELHI, Aug 18, 2020: Boeing is offering IAF its latest F 15EX advanced fighter jet capable of launching hypersonic weapons, in addition to the F 18 Block III Super Hornet which seems to be primarily targeted now at the Indian Navy’s requirement of 57 shipboard fighters.

The US Air Force has just initiated an estimated $23 billion programme for the acquisition of the F 15 EX aircraft with an initial order for eight jets. It is the “most advanced version of the F 15 ever built, due in large part to its digital backbone,” and it’s the same combat jet that should be available to India. Boeing has sought approval from Departments of State and Defense to open discussions with the Indian Air Force about the aircraft’s next gen technologies, according to company officials.

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