Sumesh Nair of Board Infinity & Kirti Seth, SSC NASSCOM

Board Infinity Data Science courses match NASSCOM standards

Opportunity to learn industry-relevant concepts

Ed-tech startup Board Infinity has aligned its Data Science course to the competency standards developed by SSC NASSCOM

MUMBAI, Nov 17 (The CONNECT) - Board Infinity, an ed-tech startup that works in an early career skilling and career transition segment, has aligned its Data Science course to the competency standards developed by SSC (Sector Skills Council) NASSCOM in collaboration with the industry and approved by the Union Government.

Learners who have successfully completed the Data Science programme with Board infinity will receive a completion certificate from Board Infinity and a joint Co-Branded Participation certificate from FutureSkills PRIME and Board Infinity.

Board Infinity, now a part of FutureSkills PRIME Ecosystem, will also be offering a data science course - ‘Data Science for beginners’ - to help people from different academic backgrounds decide if they want to pursue this career path. The course will be available on the FutureSkills Prime portal free of cost. The learners will also earn a Completion Certificate from Board Infinity and a Joint Co-Branded Participation certificate from FutureSkills PRIME and Board Infinity.

Sumesh Nair, CEO & Co-founder of Board Infinity, said, “this partnership will enhance the value of the start-up’s certification and broaden the job prospects for its learners by supporting our effort to upskill and enable career transitions.

The industry is seeing a mismatch between demand and supply of data science professionals, and “companies like us are bridging the gap and skilling more professionals.” “There has been an almost 400% increase in enrollment since last year,” Nair said.

Today, data scientists are in huge demand and there are not enough of them to fill vacancies. The demand has been created by multinationals and Indian businesses that are increasingly gravitating towards data. The World Economic Forum predicts that data scientists and analysts will become the No. 1 emerging role in the world by 2022.

“Data is the fuel not only for the future world of work but for the present one as well, and an increase in demand for professionals in this field substantiates the fact. As per LinkedIn, 50% of the employees who moved into data science and artificial intelligence (AI) came from unrelated industries! This shows the increased desire of people to learn these new skills & upskill themselves to add value to their existing positions or look at new career paths all together. These courses by Board Infinity on FutureSkills Prime will give professionals and aspirants of the data science field to get a chance to dive deeper into the technology and learn industry-relevant concepts that help them in professional growth" Said Kirti Seth, CEO, SSC NASSCOM.

Board Infinity data science course entails Python, advanced SQL, Data Visualization, Business Analytics, etc. with live projects and one-on-one mentorship with industry experts. There is ample opportunity for growth in terms of learning, capability, and compensation in this job.

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