Blanket donation campaign for poor in North

Tough times for the poor - Help them

Blanket donation campaign for poor in North

By Approach Entertainment & Go Spiritual

Hundreds of thousands shiver, suffer in biting cold, says Go Spiritual

MUMBAI, Jan 5 (The CONNECT) - Award-Winning Celebrity Management & Films Productions Company, Approach Entertainment & Charitable Spiritual Organization, Go Spiritual India launched blankets donation campaign in North India.

The campaign will spread awareness about the plight of the homeless and destitute in winters and motivate people to donate blankets, clothes and food themselves, or inform Go Spiritual India to arrange blankets for the needy. Approach Communications is handling PR, Digital & Communications for the Blanket donation drive while Approach Entertainment is working on the production of videos, mobilization through celebrities & influencers, events, and related activities.

Go Spiritual India is a Charitable Spiritual organization working for Philanthropy, Spiritual Awareness, Charity, Mental Health, Wellness, Organic, Spiritual Tourism, Events, Media, and Social Causes. The spiritual organization is already running food donation and hunger eradication programs for the last 4 years.

For the past few years, Go Spiritual India has been also engaged in the distribution of blankets especially to the poor and homeless people during the winter months. Though there are no official records of country-wide deaths due to harsh winters every year in the country, some data collected by some NGOs suggests that more than 369 persons had died in 2019 due to winters in Delhi alone and thousands died in the country.

Even in the year 2020-21 winters, thousands died due to winters. According to the 2011 census, there were 17.33 crores homeless people in India and this figure in 2021 is estimated to be at least 26 crores. Even if it is assumed that half of them may be living in North India where the winters are rather harsh, it is easy to imagine the plight of the homeless people every winter.

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