BJP is vaccine against terrorism - Yogi

BJP is vaccine against terrorism - Yogi

Quarantine dynastic parties forever, he tells people

UP CM Yogi blasts Bhai-Behan, Chacha-Babua and Bua-Babua  parties

LUCKNOW/PRATAPGARH, Dec 27(The CONNECT) - The opposition leaders have remained in quarantine for 20 out of 22 months during the ongoing novel coronavirus crisis and it’s time to quarantine them from politics forever”, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday while during events in connection with 378 projects worth Rs 554 crore in Pratapgarh.

In a scathing attack on the opposition parties, especially Samajwadi Party, the CM said that their entire politics revolved around family and dynastic politics in sharp contrast to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s people-centric policies.

“Of the three opposition parties, one is of brother and sister, the other is concerned with uncle and nephew (Chacha & Babua) and the third party is of aunt and nephew (Bua and Babua)”, he remarked, wondering what would happen to the state if a fight erupted between the uncle and the nephew for power in future.

Taking a dig at Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav in the context of huge amounts of illegal cash being recovered from Piyush Jain’s house obliquely, CM Yogi said: “Now, I understand why Babua was opposing demonetisation. The illegally acquired money by looting the poor had to come out sooner or later. However, people’s curses expedited the recovery process.”

“The SP has been out of power for five years, and yet Rs 370 crore has tumbled out of their cupboards during the IT raid. Actually, funds meant for schemes for the poor were stashed by the previous governments for personal benefits.

The recovered money will now be invested in schemes for the poor”, the CM said. CM Yogi also gave a detailed account of the works done by the BJP Government for the people of Pratapgarh district. He remarked: “Our government is implementing drinking water scheme in 120 villages of Pratapgarh. Now the sisters, daughters and daughters-in-law of these villages will not have to go out for water.” He added that the BJP Government will implement this scheme in 50,000 villages of the state.

The CM said that Congress, SP and BSP governments ruled the country and the state for five decades, yet not a single medical college was built in Pratapgarh during their governments. 

The CM said while the present BJP Government has stood by the people of the state throughout the ongoing pandemic, providing free ration for the poor and the unprivileged, the opposition partied used to devour people’s ration in the past in order to fill their coffers.

He urged the people to take the vaccine for Covid-19 as “it keeps the virus away in the same way as the UP Government keeps rioters away from the state.”

Furthermore, CM Yogi said that the previous governments never paid any attention to the interests of the poor, widows and daughters, and instead indulged in vote bank politics in order to stay in power. “They thought that banning Kanwar Yatra and firing at the innocent devotees of Ram in Ayodhya would get them votes. On the contrary, during our government, a grand Ram temple is being built in Ayodhya while renovated Vishwanath Dham has already been inaugurated in Kashi and kanwariyas are showered with flowers.”

“Besides, our government has built 2.61 crore toilets. Daughters and daughters-in-law of villages are being given banking sakhi’s jobs and they are earning decent income sitting in their villages, thanks to honorable PM Modiji’s initiative”, he pointed out. 

Yogi said that before 2017, riots, terrorist incidents and rampant corruption were common in the state. “However, situation has totally changed today and rioters know very well that if they continue doing it, they will have to pay a heavy price for their actions for generations to come”, CM Yogi remarked.

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