Dr Mahajan - Clinical trials on for treatment of several degenerative diseases

Big Breaking! Stem cell may cure COVID to Cancer

Panacea for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MDR TB on the way


Many types of cancers are already being treated with stem cells or NK cells taken from healthy blood relatives of patients, says Dr Pradeep Mahajan of StemRx Bioscience Solutions.

MUMBAI, Jan 26 (The CONNECT) – Describing stem cell research as the “brightest” subject in the field of medicine, a top regenerative medicine researcher said with NK Cells, the world will soon find panacea for many diseases such as COVID, cancer, Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s.

In an exclusive interview with the startup channel, Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, Chairman & Managing Director of StemRx Bioscience Solutions Pvt. Ltd, said stem cell treatment is not a mere theory any more.  Clinical trials are already on for treatment of several degenerative diseases.

Dr. Mahajan, Hon. Assoc. Prof. of Regenerative Medicine at H.B.T.M.C & Dr. R. N. Cooper General Hospital, Mumbai, is currently working on Clinical Trial Study- “Safety & Efficacy Study of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in treatment of Avascular Necrosis of femoral head” in collaboration with Ohio State University (OSU) & WIRB, USA and “Isolation of M2 type macrophages from peripheral blood and their therapeutic role in the treatment of Diabetic Ulcer.

Many types of cancer such as bone marrow and blood, are already being treated with the application of stem cells or NK (natural killer) cells taken from healthy blood relatives of patients. In fact, we always carry repair kits with us in terms of these NK cells, he said. Stem cells of a newborn are being used to treat bone marrow cases, solid tumours and used along with chemotherapy, they produce wonderful results, he explained.

Dr Mahajan, whose papers have been carried by global research publications such as Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, International Journal of Advances Dental Sciences, ACTA Scientific Microbiology, CHRISHMED Journal of Health and Research, disclosed that clinical trials are already in progress in the US, Russia,  Israel and Korea to tackle the novel Corona. Asked how it works, he said the NK cells cause regeneration, replication and immune-modulation healthy blood is injected into a patient.

There have been positive results in treating even long COVID cases as there has been a “complete resolution” of inflammation in the lungs.

India, he said, is not too far behind in this research as ICMR has already started inviting clinical trials with strict protocols on safety and efficacy.

Asked about TB, Dr Mahajan said the MDR disease can also be treated.

He said stem cell treatment will become part and parcel of our lives soon once the clinical trials are completed and safety is established. “And I am not talking theoretically,” he stressed.

Dr Mahajan said recalled that anti-biotics and polio vaccine took years for the society as a whole to accept them.

Dr Mahajan addressed international events such as “Therapeutic Application of Cancer Stem Cells” organised by Ohio State University, USA, August, 2015, “Revamping of Regenerative Medicine” at Health Science Innovation Conference, Taj Palace, Mumbai organised by Ohio State University, USA & All India Institute of Medical Sciences, January, 2015 and “Stem Cell Niche & Stem Cells Therapeutic Application” at (International Association of Neororestoratology) IANR VII & 1st Stem Cell Society of India (SCSI) with 11th GCNN & 2nd Indian Federation of NeuroRehabilitation(IFNR) Conference, Mumbai, March 2014.

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