Dr Bhasker & her team's book

Bariatric Recipes - A Global Cookbook launched

Cabbage pancakes, ragi tikkis and so on

Dr Bhasker says Easy-to-cook Indian recipes included

MUMBAI, June 23 (The CONNECT) – In a first, a global cookbook focusing on Bariatric recipes has hit the market. Compiled by Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker along with Mariam Lakdawala and Miloni Shah Sancheti, the book will aid patients in their weight loss journey.

The authors also aim is to make the post-bariatric surgery journey easier, healthier, and comfortable.

Dr Bhasker a renowned bariatric surgeon from Mumbai, said, “When it comes to post bariatric surgery diet, a lot of recipe books are available in the western world that can help patients.  However, till now, no such dietary resource was available for Indian patients.  Indian diet is unique and very different from the Western diet and the recipes in this book will go a long way to help patients to cope up with post-surgery requirements”.

Dr Bhasker and her team of qualified nutritionists- Mariam and Miloni, both of whom are experienced registered dieticians - along with other experts from India and abroad curated a collection of unique easy-to-make healthy recipes that can be helpful for patients undergoing bariatric surgery. Food and diet are an integral part of any culture and the aim of bariatric surgery is not to take away the joy from diet. There are some very interesting recipes in this book such as gram dal and cabbage pancakes, ragi tikkis, healthy sliders and so on.

It will be very beneficial to the readers as it focuses on the Indian diet and includes a lot of vegetarian recipes. All recipes are healthy. Additionally, macro-nutrient calculations (protein, carbohydrate, and fats) are listed for each recipe along with its nutritional benefits.  The recipes are contributed by qualified nutritionists from India as well as countries like USA, UK, Peru, Ukraine, Spain, Jordan, Dominican Republic and so on. Hence this cookbook is truly global in nature. Getting bariatric surgery done does not mean that it takes away the joy from food and life in general. One can eat healthy and yet enjoy food. As a bariatric team committed to the well-being of our patients, this is our endeavour to make their post bariatric surgery journey easier, explains Dr Bhasker.

Obesity is a silent killer and a precursor of many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol related issues, PCOD, joint related problems, lung and liver disease etc. Bariatric surgery is the only effective treatment option for patients with severe obesity. With rising levels of obesity, there is an increase in the number of bariatric operations across the world and in India. A healthy diet is an integral part of the post-bariatric surgery management.

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