Ahead of IPL, fantasy sports frenzy

Ahead of IPL, fantasy sports frenzy

Operators vie for piece of $2.5 billion pie

EarnU, a crypto-friendly fantasy sports platform has entered the Indian market.

NEW DELHI, Mar 24 (The CONNECT) – EarnU, a crypto-friendly fantasy sports platform has entered the Indian market ahead of Indian Premier League 2022. The brand provides a user-friendly play-to-earn experience to the audience across various sports and esports on the basis of prediction games.

The platform allows users to earn crypto rewards for correct predictions on the major sports and esports. The game is free to play for BETU token holders.

The users can hold BetU tokens which cannot be lost, and enter weekly rounds on the platform under any sport of their preference. The rounds begin and end every Tuesday. The users receive points to make predictions. If they make the right predictions, they earn points which are further converted to BetU tokens.

Users can conveniently withdraw their earnings as BetU tokens or swap it for ETH, BNB, USDT and further withdraw earnings via any of these cryptocurrencies.

“Indian audience is passionate about a lot of sports and esports, also in recent times the acceptance towards crypto has increased multi-fold,” said Paul Rogash- CEO & Founder, EarnU.

“Therefore, it makes complete sense for us to offer a new age predict-to-earn platform in the market that is a combination of the two rising interests among users.” He explained. The users are already familiar with the concept of fantasy sports, and are participating actively in every league, with the Indian fantasy sports market alone expected to touch $2.5 billion in 2022, he said expecting “an overwhelming response from the market”.

Currently, the platform has launched the most popular sports from across the globe including - Football, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, MMA, Tennis, Rugby etc. In addition to this under esports category it offers- CS:GO, Dota2, League of Legends.

The brand targets onboarding at least 10,000 users on the platform every month in the first phase of growth this fiscal.

EarnU is a platform by BetU ICO Corp, that allows users to make predictions online on a sport, and earn rewards. The platform was founded by serial entrepreneur Paul Rogash as an amalgamation of crypto and fantasy sports. The brand holds presence in various geographies including - Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, France, Switzerland & America. Currently, the platform offers prediction rounds across the most popular sports from different parts of the world , and various esports. 

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