Aerosol destroyer UV-C airduct for Parliament session

CSIR tech device at central Hall

But, don’t forget COVID-appropriate behaviour, says Science Minister Jitendra Singh

NEW DELHI, July 14 (The CONNECT) – The technology meant for mitigation of airborne transmission of SARS-COV-2 will be installed in the Central Hall, Lok Sabha Chamber and Committee Rooms 62 and 63. The technology has been developed by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), affiliated to the Union Ministry of Science & Technology.

Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Science & Technology Dr Jitendra Singh today discussed with scientific experts, the modalities of installing the latest UV-C Disinfection Technology in the Parliament House, for the upcoming session on the 19th of this month.

However, Dr Jitendra Singh cautioned that even after installation of this disinfection technology, everybody is advised to strictly adhere to COVID appropriate behaviour including use of Face Mask, maintaining social distance, avoiding crowds etc.

CSIR-CSIO has developed an UV-C air duct disinfection system. The disinfection system can be used in auditoriums, large conference rooms, class-rooms, malls etc. which provides a relatively safer environment for indoor activities in the current pandemic. It can also be used in buildings, transport vehicles, etc.

The technology has been developed according to the requirements for deactivation of SARS COV-2 virus contained in an aerosol with necessary ventilation measures, necessary safety and user guidelines and tested Bio-safety standards etc. UV-C deactivates viruses, bacteria, fungus and other bio - aerosols etc. with appropriate dosages using 254nm UV light. Use of UV-C may also help in ameliorating the fungal infections being witnessed during the current wave of the pandemic.

Addressing a semi- virtual conference of scientists from across the country at the CSIR Headquarters here today Dr.Jitendra Singh said that inter-ministerial formal arrangements for better coordination is needed to further step up efficiency of different departments. Pointing out that the Prime Minister is particularly keen about this initiative, the Minister urged the officials to explore the feasibility for the same without delay.

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