‘Pinnacle’ of Ambulance Services

Call 102 for Ambulance - Nitish inspecting the service

‘Pinnacle’ of Ambulance Services

Auto interior specialist delivers 466 -fleet to Bihar

CM Nitish Kumar launches first batch of 226 Pinnacle-designed ambulances

PATNA,  July 8 (The CONNECT) - Pinnacle Industries, India’s leading automotive seating, interiors & speciality vehicles company, has successfully designed, developed and delivered 226 Basic Life Support Ambulances, as a part of the larger order to supply 466 ambulances to the Department of Health, Bihar Government.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who launched the abbulance fleet, said the vehicles will be part of the 102 Service under which people  can call on that number during emergencies.

Arihant Mehta, president of Pune-based Pinnacle Industries Limited, said, “The healthcare infrastructure in India is rapidly evolving, and medical

transportation is becoming a key part of healthcare innovation. We are extremely grateful to the Government of Bihar for partnering with us and giving us this opportunity.”

These basic life support ambulances  - equipped with an efficient oxygen delivery system, portable air-way care system (PACS), delivery of IV infusion solutions, regular diagnosis and patient handling equipment - will particularly be sueful to the patients living in the tribal, rural  as well as urban geographies.

Pinnacle Industries is specialized to offer multiple types of health care products in the Ambulance & Non-Ambulance categories. Incorporated in 1996, the  it is India’s leading automotive seating, interiors, electric vehicle components, railway seating and speciality vehicles company.

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