Mitron launches #SayNoToDrugs drive

Mitron launches #SayNoToDrugs drive

Video app unveils joint campaign with NGO Youth Nation

At Mitron, we are committed to empowering the younger generation by helping them to take control of their lives instead of falling prey to drug addiction, said Nisha Pokhriyal, VP-Marketing, Mitron.

BENGALURU, Jan 19 (The CONNECT) - Mitron, the made-in-India Indian short-format video app, has joined NGO Youth Nation to appeal to India’s youth to stay away from drugs. A joint campaign titled #SayNoToDrugs has been unveiled to shine a light on the pitfalls of drug addiction. The on-going campaign will run until the Republic Day on the Mitron app.

Founded in 2014, Youth Nation is focused on the eradication of menaces like drugs, by enabling the youth in a comprehensive and coordinated multi-sectoral manner. The NGO equips youth with the resources to develop to their full potential mentally, socially, morally, politically, physically, and culturally.

Nisha Pokhriyal, VP-Marketing, Mitron said: “Drugs are a growing threat that is creating widespread damage and destruction in the lives of the youth. At Mitron, we are committed to empowering the younger generation by helping them to take control of their lives instead of falling prey to drug addiction. We are pleased to partner with Youth Nation, and leverage their expertise on this subject by jointly running a campaign that appeals and resonates with India’s youth. We hope that this acts as a catalyst for a change in society and we are able to fulfil their needs in the best way possible, through required resources, knowledge, and empowerment.”

#SayNoToDrugs campaign uses humour and music to create awareness on the serious issue of substance abuse amongst the youth.  Mitron has created quirky musical remixes with a message urging today’s youth to say no to drugs. In addition, Youth Nation is organizing a road rally on 26th January 2021 in Surat, to drum up further awareness on the drug issue. On the Mitron app, viewers can watch educational and entertaining videos created on various topics relating to drug abuse.

Veekas Champalal Doshi, Founder, Youth Nation said: “Seeing the scenario, this should not only concern an individual or city but the entire nation. Our motto through this and various other initiatives is to stop the youth from falling prey to any addictive substance. As per our internal study, youth are at high risk to get influenced. #SayNoToDrugs is to highlight the ill effects caused by drug intake and how it viciously destroys your personal and professional life. With Mitron’s massive community of users and our resources and best of counsellors, we endeavour to inspire the youth to contribute towards changing the attitude of the coming generation as well as the existing generation through required action and awareness.”

According to a survey conducted by the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC) under AIIMS in Delhi, more than 3.1 core Indians have reported using substances like Cannabis, LSD, Meth, Opium etc.  It is estimated that 72 lac of these drug users are addicted to them.

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