In a global 1st, UP on Mission June to vaccinate 1 crore people

6,000 centres across 75 districts

Yogi Govt plans to cover all sections of society

LUCKNOW, May 31 (The CONNECT) -Embarking on a massive vaccination drive, the Yogi Adityanath Government has targeted to inoculate around one crore people against COVID-19 as part of its ‘Mission June’.

Arguably the biggest vaccination drive across the globe, the Mission June will cover all the 75 districts of the state to safeguard its people from the raging wave of COVID-19.

“We have a sufficient amount of vaccine vials available to meet our target,” said the Chief Minister while addressing a high-level meeting. He also instructed the health officials to stay in constant touch with the Centre and vaccine manufacturing companies.

While the preparations are underway at war-footing, CM Yogi has also instructed the officials to ensure that all the sections of the society are vaccinated in a hassle-free manner. The campaign will focus on beneficiaries of both the age groups -18+ as well as 45+ through approximately, 6,000 centres will be set up across the state.

Instructing to make equally special arrangements for socially and economically weaker sections, Yogi has announced a special vaccination drive for drivers, vendors, and rickshaw pullers from June 15 as they interact with many people in their daily work.

Special camps have also been set up for journalists, government employees, and members of the judiciary.  In this regard, four workplace vaccination centers will be established in each district- one for the district court, two for government employees, and one for the media personnel.

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