Cyberabad Police Commissioner V C Sajjanar launching DiLSeY

Cyber crimes rise with Internet Speed: up by 250%

Cyberabad cops mobilizing army of warriors

A country’s first, it is the youth for the youth movement for a secured digital world, Cyberabad police commissioner  V C Sajjanar said

HYDERABAD, Jan 21 (The CONNECT) – Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) and Cyberabad Police in support with END NOW Foundation embarked on a novel mission DiLseY -Digital Literacy to Secure Youth.

VC Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad said the objective of the initiative is to build an army of Cyber Warriors from among the society in a crusade against Cyber Crimes.  World over on the one side, the traditional crimes are coming down while on the other, cyber crimes and economic offences are on the rise.  Cyber Crimes have gone up by 250 per cent in the recent past.  Ever since the outbreak of COVID, the crimes have doubled. 

The best way to counter and arrest these crimes, the Commissioner said, is to educate masses, create awareness.  An initiative like this is being introduced in the country for the first time.  It is the youth for the youth movement for a secured digital world, he pointed out.

Sajjanar urged people to share with police whenever they spot or come across new crimes so that Cyberabad Police will work on them on a proactive approach basis instead of acting after they happen.

DCP Vijay Kumar, DCP said the people have gone so deep into internet space, they got entangled and are unable to come out of it.  Literate to illiterate everybody is victim of cybercrimes.  There is a dire need to reach out not only to the urban populace but also the rural people to educate them about the possible crimes they might become victims to.

Krishna Yedula, general secretary of SCSC, said the mission will focus on the four major pillars of Awareness being Cyber Bullying, Digital Addiction, Online Safety, Online Etiquette.  “What we look for in volunteers is three Ps---Passion, Perseverance and Patience. It is the war of all of us.  We have to fight it out collectively,” he said

Bharani Aroll,,  President of  HYSEA(Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association) said over the enxt one year or so, nearly 850 million smartphones will be used.  Since 65 percent of tghe population is below 35 years old and India is a young nation, it is both a strength and a weakness for us.  “It will be a strength if we can create good opportunities and channelize their energies and skills. If not, it will lead to civil unrest,” he said. 

The response to the call is overwhelming.  More than 100 volunteers registered for the first batch of 8-hour training which will begin on 6th February. 

Those who are interested in becoming a volunteer of DiLSey may write to SCSC on email ID or phone: 917728383

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