Nikhil Das - efficient method for seed sorting

AI For Seed, Crop Defect Detection In Seconds

Don’t have to wat indefinitely, says agritech startup Agdhi


Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Edge Computing and Spectral Imaging Techniques to detect the defects in seeds and crops.

BANGALORE, Jan 11 (The CONNECT) - Agritech startup Agdhi has introduced vision enabled AI-based technology in agriculture. The machine learning and computer vision techniques in detecting the defects in the seeds and crops enable the farming community to get quality seeds and crops. These quality results are provided in seconds instead of waiting for long time while using traditional methods. This will bring technology disruption in seed testing, seed sampling and crop yield which is the need of the hour.

Nikhil Das, Founder – Agdhi, said “Today, India is seeing a huge disruption in agriculture through technology. Agriculture which is both a major industry and foundation of the economy is looking for innovative approaches in protecting & improving crop yield. With this aim we plan to introduce next Generation Electronics products optimized for agriculture.”

The traditional method of detecting seed defects typically relies on manual inspection, which is resource-hectic and subjective. Therefore, an objective and automated seed screening method was much required. The technology offered by Agdhi through AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vision technology, Photometry, Radiometry and Computer Vision offers efficient method for Seed Classification and Seed Quality Analysis.

The color, texture, size, and shape, is extracted from images of seeds, and the defects of the seed identified through various classifiers based on computer vision. This automation provides an efficient method for seed sorting than being inspected by human labor.

The company is working on technologies like Block chain, Edge computing, AI, IoT and microbiology in agriculture.”

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