Pledge On Earth, Fulfilled On Moon- PM

Straight from the moon! The 1st Pix beamed by Vikram Lander - ISRO pix

Pledge On Earth, Fulfilled On Moon- PM

1st Major Success of Amritkal, says Modi

Rahul Gandhi pointed out Since 1962, India’s space programme has continued to scale new heights.

NEW DELHI, Aug 23 (The CONNECT) – “We took a pledge on Earth, and we fulfilled it on the Moon,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi as India has landed on the moon.  “Today, we have witnessed the new flight of New India in space,” Modi said coagulating ISRO scientists for the success of Chandrayaan-3

“When we see such a history being made before our eyes, life becomes blessed. Such historical events become the eternal consciousness of a nation's life,” he said and remarked “this moment is unforgettable; this moment is unprecedented; this moment is the victory cry of a developed India; this moment is the triumph of the new india; this moment is about crossing the ocean of difficulties; this moment is about walking on the path of victory and this moment holds the capability of 1.4 billion heartbeats,” he said.

This moment signifies new energy, new belief, and new consciousness in India. This moment is the call of India's ascending destiny. The first light of success in the dawn of the ‘Amrit Kaal’ has showered this year.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi too congratulated ISRO and said, Chandrayaan3’s soft landing on the uncharted lunar South Pole is the result of decades of tremendous ingenuity and hard work by our scientific community.

“Since 1962, India’s space programme has continued to scale new heights and inspire generations of young dreamers,” Gandhi pointed out.

Speaking from South Africa where he has gone for BFRICS summit, Modi said India has reached the South Pole of the Moon - where no other country in the world has ever reached - through the hard work and talent of the scientists.

India’s moon mission is also based on the human-centric approach of India. Therefore, this success belongs to all of humanity. And it will help moon missions by other countries in the future, he zaid and expressed the confidence  that all countries in the world, including those from the Global South, are capable of achieving such feats. “We can all aspire for the moon and beyond,” Modi said.

He said the  achievement of the Chandrayaan Mission will propel India's journey beyond the Moon's orbit. We will test the limits of our solar system and continue working to realize the infinite possibilities of the universe for humanity. We have set many big and ambitious goals for the future.

Soon, ISRO will launch the 'Aditya L-1' mission for in-depth study of the Sun. Following that, Venus is also on ISRO's agenda. Through the Gaganyaan mission, the country is diligently preparing for its first human spaceflight mission. India is repeatedly proving that the sky is not the limit, The PM said.

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