Makoons Play School Kids Enthu Over I-Day

Makoons Play School Kids Enthu Over I-Day

Deep Sense Of Patriotism At Grassroots Level

With flag hoisting ceremonies, storytelling, creative art projects the children at Makoons were immersed in a holistic learning experience

NEW DELHI, Aug 17 (The CONNECT) - Makoons Play School marked a memorable and spirited celebration of India's 77th Independence Day across all its branches. The festivities were filled with patriotic fervour, unity, and a commitment to nurturing young minds with the essence of freedom.

Makoons Play School believes that imparting a deep sense of patriotism from a young age contributes to building responsible citizens of tomorrow. The Independence Day celebration was a platform to instil values of love for the country, respect for its diverse culture, and an understanding of the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

The celebration witnessed a series of engaging activities that captivated the young learners' imagination and curiosity. From flag hoisting ceremonies and storytelling sessions highlighting India's journey to independence, to creative art projects showcasing the national symbols, the children were immersed in a holistic learning experience that combined education with enjoyment.

Makoons also believes in the importance of involving parents in their child's educational journey. The Independence Day celebration provided a unique opportunity for parents to participate alongside their children, fostering a sense of unity and shared values within families.

Vijay Kumar Agarwal, the CEO and Founder of Makoons Group of Schools, said "Independence Day is a reminder of the priceless gift our forefathers bestowed upon us. At Makoons Play School, we celebrate this day with a commitment to nurture young minds, instill values, and inspire a generation that will carry forward the spirit of unity and progress. Happy Independence Day!"

With branches spread across different regions, Makoons Play School showcased the beauty of India's unity in diversity. The celebration was a reflection of the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions that make up our nation, providing children with a deeper appreciation for the various facets of India.

Makoons Play School is a pioneer in early childhood education, dedicated to providing a nurturing and innovative learning environment for young minds. Through a blend of experiential learning, creativity, and holistic development, Makoons Play School aims to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

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