@Rs 15, SRM-AP student makes eco-friendly face shield

Well done, SRM student

@Rs 15, SRM-AP student makes eco-friendly face shield

With thin layer of 175-micron reusable plastic

SRM-AP student solves plastic problem, wins all round-praise

AMARAVATI, Andhra Pradesh, May 31 (The CONNECT) - The eco-friendly " Face Shield for Humans" developed by P Mohan Aditya, a 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering student from SRM University, AP, has been granted copyright.

The face shield 2.0 that costs just Rs 15 serves as the outer defence to the mucous membranes (nose, eyes, and mouth). It has a transparent visor made of the thin layer of 175-micron reusable plastic and a highly durable headband made from 3-ply corrugated cardboard. The cardboard's bursting strength is 16kg/sq.cm, which is quite durable yet lightweight. Due to the use of biodegradable materials, the price of the face shield works out to just Rs 15. The face shield 2.0 is adjustable and suitable for all head sizes made with firm elastic for comfortable wear without hurting the head.

Adimulapu Suresh, Minister for Education, State of Andhra Pradesh and MP, appreciated the student’s efforts in the Secretariat's premises. Aditya received high accolades from the guests present on his first successful invention. They also distributed face shields among state police officers, paramedics and other frontline workers deployed in the containment areas. 

Aditya said: "With an increasing environmental degradation, we should move to eco-friendly alternatives to develop products/services. Therefore, I thought of developing the face shields from reusable plastics and cardboard, which is easily degradable.

"After discovering a shortage in the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) globally, an idea struck my mind. Immediately I started researching on developing a piece of standard equipment to combat the Covid-19 pandemic,” Aditya said and thanked Ravi, attorney of SRM-AP for his support throughout the tough times by solving “all doubts amidst challenging circumstances”

Aditya's invention turned out to be a successful project both for the University and the public. Leadership team of SRM University, AP – Dr P Sathyanarayanan, President, Prof V S Rao, Vice Chancellor, and Prof D Narayana Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor joined the celebration of Aditya's success

 Using the CAD software, Aditya designed the transparent visor of the face shield and manufactured the remaining headband using the CNC machine. The CAD model was used as the input to the CNC machine, Following the design, the CNC machine analysed and cut the cardboard and transparent sheet accordingly.

Aditya’s another innovative design on “building block for bed” was applied for copy right on 09-08-2020.   The building block for bed is again an innovative work of making beds using reusable materials for COVID 19 patients.  He and his team also successfully created an electric bicycle using a 24V 250Watt DC motor powered a 12V and 12Ah battery in the previous team assignment. Aditya desires to be a successful engineer and create such inventions for the betterment of society.  

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