Tradesmart Ties Up With KEEV For Smarter Trading

Improving risk managment - Vikas Singhania

Tradesmart Ties Up With KEEV For Smarter Trading

To Offer Automated Trading Strategies

TradeSmart users can build the right trading strategies to avoid market volatility and turbulences with KEEV help

MUMBAI, May 6 (The CONNECT) - TradeSmart, one of India's leading new-age online discount brokerage firms, has announced a partnership with KEEV, a user-friendly algorithm trading platform, aiming to make consumers' trading journeys convenient by offering automated trading strategies that require no technical expertise.

Through this development, TradeSmart users can now quickly back test, visualize, evaluate and build the right trading strategies to avoid market volatility and turbulences. Those who are unsure about the appropriate take profit and stop loss values can optimize the features and receive answers in minutes. The best part is the platform shares customized strategies to generate good returns using KEEV’s algorithm.

Vikas Singhania, CEO, TradeSmart said, “we recognise that each trader has unique requirements. We are continuously looking for new ways to provide more value to our customers. TradeSmart’s partnership with KEEV will further strengthen our commitment to providing our clients with essential tools and insights to enhance their trading journey with the right knowledge and trading prompts as per their age and portfolio value.”

When customers integrate their TradeSmart account with KEEV, they can manage risk better and get an accurate image of their strategy's overall profitability, thereby saving their time with appropriate information. This makes the entire trading process very easy and seamless even for first time users, enabling them to trade efficiently and quickly to maximise returns.

Monil Shah, Founder & CEO, KEEV, said the platform has been looking forward to making a genuine difference in their traders’ day-to-day trading experiences, as well as reaping the mutual benefits of this partnership.

TradeSmart customers who sign up with KEEV will receive an initial promo offer of 20% off, valid until May 30, 2022, and a flat 20% one-time offer valid till May 31, 2022.

TradeSmart is a new-age technology-focused discount online broking firm that simplifies investments for young and tech savvy Indians. Registered as VNS Finance and Capital Limited in 1994, the company has a strong lineage of over 25 years in the brokerage segment.

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