Year-ender: Micro-influencers to the fore

Video remains the top tactic - Ankit Agarwal

Year-ender: Micro-influencers to the fore

Creators drove action, encouraged impact

Voice, videos, and regional content will likely outshine all other forms of content, writes ANKIT AGARWAL

The year 2021 was a stacked year for influencer marketing. The video remained a top tactic, focus on the necessary authenticity factor continued, and value-driven content took centre stage. Not to mention, web3 technologies reengineered the creator economy landscape.

The most pivotal difference, though, was how influencers were used, with brands preferring to partner with micro-influencers and niche creators. The appeal of these creators was and continues to be rooted in their ability to reach a targeted and highly engaged audience with relatable content.

However, a lot came down to how influencer campaigns were executed. Yes, creators drove action, encouraged impact, and were a key ingredient in any marketing strategy. But the integration of a brand into creator content had to be done thoughtfully, ensuring synergy and brand safety. That made data-driven influencer discovery paramount in 2021. Platforms also realized there is no creator economy without the creators, making it imperative to nurture them.

With the industry showing no signs of slowing down, 2022 will carry the momentum, with more marketers investing a larger budget next year. Voice, videos, and regional content will likely outshine all other forms of content. Also, expect to see brands embracing micro and, even, nano-influencers to finally crack the code on hard engagement metrics, affordably.

Influencer marketing in India is growing at a high velocity of 25% CAGR. Ask yourself why, and then, if you haven't already, start capitalizing on it. (*The author is Founder, Do Your Thng - DYT)

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